Czech Challenge for Clemens

Team of German runner Clemens robbed in Czech twice

PRAGUE, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) — The team of German long-distance runner Robby Clemens, who is running around the world from Jan. 3 to raise money for charity, was robbed in the Czech Republic for the second time, the daily Pravo reported on Tuesday.

First Clemens was robbed On Saturday night in Kladno, who lost most of his equipments, including bodysuits, breathable underwear and most of the 50 pairs of jogging shoes that he took with himself for the journey.

The second time, a cameraman from Clemens’ team was robbed in an Internet cafe in Pribram on Sunday, the paper said.

“When our photographer intended to send the shots we made after the theft in Kladno in the Internet cafe in Pribram he found out that the box with all his cameras that he hang over his chair disappeared. We have thus lost the equipment worth 5,000 euros,” chief manager of the project Rolf Giermann said.

The Czech Republic is the first country on Clemens’ planned 23,000 km journey across 28 countries.

Clemens, 45, who has been practicing extreme sports for eight years, planed to run 80 km a day, the equivalent of a double marathon, in order to complete his journey in 298 days.

This German runner made his first long distance run of 493 km in 2001. Two years later he ran a 500-km journey from Basra to Baghdad to draw people’s attention to the children who suffered the Iraq war.

Editor:Lu Yuying

Source: Xinhuanet

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1 Comment

  1. Hello,

    I have my doubts that this guy is a real runner.
    On his website:
    he is claiming to run:
    2001 – 493k in a week in Germany
    2002 – 520k in a week in Germany
    2003 – over 500k in Irak from Basra to Bagdad
    2004 – 1800k in 2 weeks Athens, Greece to Salzburg, Austria
    2005 – 925k in Germany

    I think I am a bit interested in Ultrarunning but I never heard of Robby Clemens before nore he ran any of the normal 100k or 24h events in Germany.
    Especially the 1800k (1118 miles) in 14 days means 80 miles a day, which makes him a brilliant runner, if this is true.

    I have my daubts.

    Markus Mueller
    Finisher of Trans Australia Footrace 2001
    10 days New York 2000 with only 630 miles

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