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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:55:33 -0500
From: Jerry Davison
Subject: The Tradition Continues…

In case anybody was wondering, there will still be a McNaughton Park Trail Runs in 2010 and registration is now open. To avoid any confusion, the race formerly known as “McNaughton Park Trail Runs” will now be known as “The Original McNaughton Park Trail Runs”. Andy Weinberg, ultra-runner, promoter, race director and all-around good guy is starting a new race in Vermont called “McNaughton in Vermont”.
Now everybody knows you can’t take the mud and fun from Pekin, IL to Vermont, but Andy is going to give it a shot. And if I had more money to travel, weighed about 60 pounds less and ran 30-40 miles more per week than I do, I’d go to Vermont in a heartbeat. So, I’ll be staying closer to home. There is also a lesser known, brand-spanking new race taking place this October 31st @ 7:00 a.m. in McNaughton Park in Pekin, IL, and it’s being called the McNaughton Park “McNotAgain” 10- and 30-miler. So when you go to and search for McNaughton, you’ll be getting 3 hits. I won’t try to tell you which race is best and get into all that marketing crap … don’t shoot me … I’m just the messenger.

Allow me to introduce you to the new RD of “The Original McNaughton Park Trail Runs”, Rich Skocaj. You’re already wondering, who is this guy and how do you pronounce his name? It’s pronounced RICH, and it
rhymes with Mitch. His last name is easier to pronounce. It’s pronounced SKITCH-eye … just like it looks. If you’re as nosy as me, you’re wondering where he’s from with a name like that … am I right? Well, he’s from Pekin, just like Andy used to be. He’s one of Andy’s buddies, and he was Andy’s right hand man in Pekin last year while Andy was already in Vermont … so he knows his way around the mud in the park. And Rich told me that Andy was the reason for the mud, so come on back and try it again if the park kicked your butt
last time around.

Mcnaughton park trail

This year, the race will consist of a 50- and 100-miler, both starting at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 10, 2010. Any questions, read the updated site or email the new guy, Rich Skocaj ..

Jerry Davison
“TO”MPTR webguy (and 50-mile finisher in 2009!) The home of multiday running news and events.

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