Arizona 6 Day Race 2009 – Update

The Arizona 6 day race is a low-key event that takes place in Douglas,Arizona. Organised mainly by and for locals, Race Director Gary Cross speaks with fellow RD Mark Dorion with some brief details.

Arizona 6 Day Race/ Totals at 72 Hour mark (noon, AZ Time, Wed. June 10)

1. Bob Oberkehr, 54, NJ 189 mi.
2. Jerry Schuster, 54, AZ 165 mi.
3. Marco Zapata, 51, MEX 159 mi.

1W. Barbara S.—, CA

Five year old Dominick Cross has run 4 miles.

Farhad Nabi, who was supposed to be running in the race and helping out, “got lost” driving from Tucson to Douglas (a distance of 140 miles) and ended up in DALLAS, Texas (800+ miles away)!!!

The weather continues 10 degress below normal, with unusual cloud cover and high winds.

The runners are finding the many twists and turns plus changes of surface on the loop make it hard to get into a rhythm.

When this Arizona race ends, at noon Saturday (3 p.m. east coast time), some of the greatest multi-day runners in the world will be getting ready to toe the line (6:05 a.m. Sunday) in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile in New York.

Best wishes to all these great ultrarunners and the crews, helpers and race directors!

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