3rd Desert Oman Raid 2010

The Desert Oman Raid is a 5 day 100 mile stage race that takes place on the Arabian peninsula between Yemen and UAE from 7-14 November 2010. The event begins at the Ocean and moves into the mountains followed by the final stage, 24 km across the Wahiba desert.
There are 100 mile, 100 km and marathon options.

Organiser Cyril Fondeville sent this message recently:

At the ladies, we will have a beautiful duel, between Canadian Emmanuelle Dudon and l’ Italian Katia Figini Among boys, we will have surely surprises of dimensioned of Kowetiens, and some very good French and Belgians In any case, Christophe Saux, the Guianese and Ivan Zufferli l’ Italian we will make certainly very beautiful spectacle! You will be able to follow the adventures of the 40 adventurers who will defy the mountains d’ Oman and its giant dunes on: http://www.facebook.com/www.raidsahara.com

Race website:
Chez les dames , nous aurons un beau duel ,entre la canadienne Emmanuelle Dudon et l’Italienne Katia Figini Chez les garçons , nous aurons surement des surprises du coté des Kowetiens , et de quelques tres bons Français et Belges En tout cas , Christophe Le Saux ,le Guyanais et Ivan Zufferli l’Italien nous ferons certainement du trés beau spectacle ! Vous pourrez suivre les aventures des 40 aventuriers qui vont defier les montagnes d’Oman et ses dunes géantes sur : http://www.facebook.com/l/822d728O3Zw1Tte3nJfl3R3wRww;www.raidsahara.com

Race website: www.raidsahara.com

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