3 Men To Run Across The Sahara

Posted on the Ultralist by Marshall Ulrich: 

Charlie Engle, of the United States, Kevin Lin, of Taiwan, and Ray Zahab, of Canada, will attempt to run 50 miles (80 kilometers) for 10 to 12 hours a day for 80 straight days across the Sahara Desert in northern Africa starting October 25th of this month. 
Pravda news release: Three men to run ultra-marathon across Sahara for a documentary focusing on water needs in Africa-narrated and produced by  Matt Damon

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  1. Hi out there,

    This looks like a very impressive attempt to me. I am running my 6th marathon this year and have decided I need a new challenge. Looking for multidays races or ultra marathons I am looking for experienced runners who can advise me on the hows and wheres.

    My email is:[email protected]

    Thanks guys and have a great run!

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