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October 1, 2006

FRISCO – Twenty-two hours into a 24-hour battle of the sexes, the sexes decided they’d rather be friends than rivals. Didn’t matter to the record book, however; the 22 hours of heated competition was still plenty to help shatter the old mark at the 24 Hours of Frisco trail-running odyssey Saturday and Sunday.

The men vs. women competition at the third annual race began as a friendly feud between Adam Chase’s GoFast! foursome and Danelle Ballengee’s AATRA/Spyder Women squad. Plenty of trash talking in jest led up to the race’s 9:30 a.m. Saturday start, and then the rabbits took off.

With each foursome wasting nary a second, they took turns holding the lead deep into the night on the Frisco peninsula trails. Sprained ankles were taped up and shrugged off. Sleep was a goal, but far from a guarantee.
The urgent running on the 6-mile loop persisted into the morning hours until, around 7:30 a.m., with each team struggling to maintain pace and suffering through everpresent pain, they decided to call it off. Instead, they ran the last two hours together, finishing with the same number of laps, 32, and miles, 192, in the same amount of time.

The previous record, held by a Salomon squad put together by Chase, was 29 laps.

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