24 hores d’Ultrafons en pista – Barcelona – The Barcelona 24 Hour 2017 – Results

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The 24 hores d’Ultrafons en pista, the Barcelona 24 Hour has just drawn to a close with Ruben Delgado Gil (ESP) winning the 24 hour event with 240.74 km.  Nathan Montague (GBR) in what appears to be his debut at this distance was second with 234.61 km. Aykut Celikbas (TUR) was third with 225.85 km.

Monika Biegasiewicz (POL) won the womens race with 228.48 km for third place overall. Wendy Shaw (GBR) set a pb and was second with 220.16 qualifying for the British 24 hour team. Patricia Scalise (ARG) also set a pb with 2013.97 km.

Men24 hour
1Ruben Delgado Gil240.74
2Nathan Montague234.61
3Aykut Celikbas225.85
1Monika Biegasiewicz228.48
2Wendy Shaw220.16
3Patricia Scalise203.97
Men12 hour
1Enrico Maggiola149.52
2Pedro Agustín Moran Salas140.23
3Isaac Barragán Luque134.31
1Rebecca Vanblaere108.13
2Ydalina Moreno100.52
3Jaana Thorström98.41
Men6 hour
1Brian Arreborg Hansen84.05
2Jesús Arroyo71.8
3Rafa Pérez Da Silva70.54
1Tia Jones74.34
2Anja Hav Thomsen61.24
3Pau Maldonado Gimenez57.44

Website: www.corredors.cat/24hores
Results: www.championchip.cat/24hores/informes/
Facebook: 24 hores d’ultrafons en pista

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