1000 km of France 2008 – Be realistic, try the impossible one!…

Just noticed an old post on Yanoo.net about a proposd 100km race in France. Dont know if it is still being planned. Here is the translated info and the link to the source.

“Be realistic, try the impossible one!… ” “the 1000 Kilometers of France” is a new pedestrian test of course/marche suggested by Association Headlight-West Organization (1) on a route of a distance close to thousand kilometers, crossing France of the English Channel in the Mediterranean. It acts of the individual race, longest ever suggested in France, whose starting point is located at the foot of the Mount-St-Michel (Handle) and the finishing line at the balance of the headlight of the port of Sète (Herault).

The principle is that of a race “not-stop” the point-to-point one, timed without interruption between the common departure of all the competitors and their arrival which will be judged by affixing of the hand on the headlight of the port of Sète. Maximum time assigned to cover the distance and to be classified is 12 days (288 hours). The competitors are free to run, go, to stop, to supply and take rest constantly between the departure and the arrival, of day like night. Neither supplies, neither meal, nor points of rest will be ensured by the organization. Consequently, each competitor will gèrera itself its progression, its supplies, its meals, its points of bed and will be probably brought to frame itself of a team of conveyed assistance.
A maximum of two motorized vehicles will be authorized by runner. It will be however possible to take part in solo, without assistance. The test will proceed on roads open to circulation, without pointsmen with the intersections and medical care.

It will not fulfill the requirements of an organization of traditional pedestrian competition, will not appear in any calendar FFA and will not be regarded as an official competition.
Detailed Roadbook of the route will be given to each runner, specifying the numbers of borrowed roads, the cities and common crossings and the mileage carried out since the departure with each entry of agglomeration. On nearly 600 km between St-Augustin-of-Wood (the Maine-and-Loire) and Rodez/Le Monastery (Aveyron), the route will follow the course of Fright Gaule (2), more or less.

This test rests on the honesty of the runners which are committed covering all the distance with foot and on a mutual confidence shared between all the participants. There will be neither police chiefs of race nor controls on the course. The competitors eager to make “validate” their crossing will be able to associate, with their expenses, the services of a bailiff. However, all the competitors (or their crew) will have to communicate by telephone, in an obligatory way, once per day and in an imposed time crenel, their position with a PC Race: name of the last crossed commune and mileage carried out since this commune like their position GPS. Passed deadline a 24 hours (+ 2 hours of latency) without to be informed of the position of a competitor, the PC Race will declare this one except race. An Internet site, updated daily, will inform of the positions of the runners.
The consultation of this site will make it possible each runner, if it wishes it, to know the position of the other competitors. Moreover, one Passenger waybill given to each runner before the departure will have also to be aimed at once per day in a town hall, a post office, a fire station or a trade. On this sheet will have to be well informed: the place, the date and the hour of the pointing, the name, the signature and the seal (plug) of the person having carried the information. The runners will restore their Passenger waybill to the arrival, duly indicated, under penalty of not being classified. The test is open in priority to runners from experiment, French or abroad, having shown their capacity to try this crossing within the time limit and for that having been classified in tests such as: Gaule Fright, Deutschlandlauf, Spreelauf, Isar Run, TransEurope, TransAmerica, TransAustralia, Spartathlon, Sakura Michi, Badwater, Sydney-Melbourne (3), or having taken part in at least 6-Days (+ of 500 km) or 48-Hours (+ of 250 km). The runners not filling any of these conditions can nevertheless subject their request for inscription by specifying their references. These requests for inscription will be studied with individually.

The departure of the “1000 KILOMETRES OF FRANCE” is fixed at Sunday September 7, 2008 to 10 a.m. (date and hour to be confirmed) and the race will remain open until Friday September 19 at 10 a.m.. All the competitors will have to be present on the site of the Mount-St-Michel at the latest Saturdays September 6 at midday. After a joint lunch, the afternoon will be devoted to a briefing to which all the participants will have obligatorily to assist. The tariff of inscription is fixed at 399,90 Euros (to be confirmed) and includes/understands: handing-over of the roadbook, a batch of 10 tee-shirts screen printed with the colors of the test, a symbolic system Finisher trophy, the lunch of Saturday September 6 in the Mount-St-Michel and the royal fruit sea plate of Saturday September 20 in the port of Sète. These same meals in addition for possible follower and guests.

IMPORTANT! The “1000 KILOMETRES OF FRANCE” are not an official competition and the participants engage with full knowledge of the facts, under their characteristic and single responsibility. In the event of or accident traffic accident of health during the test, no recourse could be committed neither by the participants nor by their having right against an organizer or an organization, person or entity. This test must be considered by those which will engage there like one (long!) jogging of Sunday morning between buddies: one leaves all together… and one hopes to find oneself with the arrival to drink a blow. In fact there the broad outline and the rules of the game of this test could however be brought to evolve/move in the months which come.

Infos on line on the site gate www.YaNoo.net. For any additional information and asks inscription, to contact Jean-Benoit Jaouen email: [email protected] – Telephone: 06 33 49 13 99

(1) PHARE-WEST ORGANIZATION is an Association Law of 1901 created by Jean-Benoit Jaouen and Christophe Rochotte, themselves ultramarathoniens.
(2) FRIGHT GAULE, crossing of France on 1150 km in 18 stages between Roscoff (Finistere) and Gruissan-Beach (Aude), were organized with 5 recoveries and 94 runners took share there since the first edition of 2001. The 6è edition will be held of August 15 at September 1, 2007.
(3) the race “Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Run” was organized 9 times between 1983 and 1991 at distances ranging between 875 and 1060 kilometers and remains the test of reference of which approaches more “the 1000 km OF FRANCE”. First the 875 kilometers long edition was gained by Australian Cliff Young, then 61 years old, in 5 days 15 hours 4 minutes. The Greek Yiannis Kouros then established the fastest connection between the two cities by covering the 1011 kilometers of the course of 1989 in 5 days 2 hours 27 minutes.

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  1. Hi Abichal,
    YES, this non-stop 1000 kilometers coast-to-coast race across France is still planned September 7-19, 2008. Only 1 week after the finish of TRANSE GAULE 2008.
    NOT REALLY letting runners informed outside from France because it will be a very basic organisation and runners will have to organise their own assistance (runners will receive a roadbook, route will be marked but no aid-stations, no accomodation places will be organised, handlers and vehicle are necessary).
    As the Transe Gaule organizor I proposed this experimental race to Transe Gaule Veterans and I will race myself. About 20 runners entered, all French except one Spanish and one Japonese.

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