Napolean Ultra 2012 – Updates

napolean ultra 20121 Napolean Ultra 2012   UpdatesThe Napolean Ultra, a seven day 230 miles (368 km) race across Texas from Moscow to Paris began on the first of December 2012. The race was conceived to honour the 500,000 soldiers who left for Moscow in Russia in June 1812 – only 25,000 of whom made it home.

Netherlands multiday runner Jenni de Groot led at the end of day one – a 26.9 mile stage from Moscow to Groveton which she ran in 4:31:25. In second place was American Rachel Wasilewski and third place was Romain Valle from France.

At the end of day 2 Jenni still led the field and we await the posting of the stage results.

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Surasa Mairer Day 21 July 9 from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team on Vimeo.

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