International Tour of Taiwan 2013 Results

International Tour of Taiwan UltramarathonTranse-Gaule race director Jean-Benoit Jaouen sends results from the International Tour of Taiwan 2013.


I’m just back from Taiwan where I participated to the 1st ITTU, a 1100 Km loop around the island in 14 stages. Organised by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners, race director Frank Kuo (a member from IAU). Long stages (75+85+88+85+86+84+94+88+68+70+76+63+78+70 = 1110 K), hard race, tropical rain all along the 2 weeks, 60% DNF. The welcome by the race staff and Taiwanese runners was so wonderful, fantastic memories ! Second edition probably in 2015.


1er International Tour de Taiwan Ultra-Marathon
(1110 km / 14 stages, March 30 to April 04)

1 Inoue, Shingo (JPN) 109:25:21
2 Tsai, Wan-Chun (TPE) 111:01:47
3 Yang, Hung-Hui (TPE) 118:52:44
4 Tadokoro, Motohisa (JPN) 130:58:48
5 Wu, Ya-Ko (TPE) 138:50:59
6  Huang, Kun-Peng (TPE) 140:14:04
7 Lo, Wei-Ming (TPE) 141:07:32
8 Huang, Yen-Ling (TPE) 142:42:45 – 1ère F.
9 Favreau, Philippe (FRA) 143:11:52
10 Chia, Lu-Hsin (TPE) 147:19:23 – 2e F.
11 Jaouen, Jean-Benoit (FRA) 149:26:51
12 Li, Hsin-Ching (TPE) 152:40:19
13 Wang, Ya-Fen (TPE) 152:59:23 – 3e F.
14 Chan, Ching-Chuan (TPE) 157:04:06
15 Tian, Fu-Kang (TPE) 157:19:37
16 Namikoshi, Yasumasa (JPN) 159:14:01
17 Liu, Kuo-Hua (TPE) 160:12:47
18 Lai, Ming-Fu (TPE) 160:45:23
19 Kahla*, Said (ALG) 161:27:50
20 Lu, Chung-Ming (TPE) 163:58:16
21 Wu, Hung-Ta (TPE) 166:24:26
22 Teoh, Siew-Lee (MAS) 167:57:47 – 4e F.
23 Li, Ming-Te (TPE) 169:09:08
(57 starters, 23 finishers)

The inaugural International Tour de Taiwan Ultra-Marathon, an 1,100 km 14 day stage race around Taiwan was won by Japan’s Shingo Inoue. Finishing in a time of 109 hours, 25 minutes and 21 seconds, Inoue had a commanding lead over Taiwan’s Tsai Wan-chun, who finished in 118:05:40.

The Tour de Taiwan Ultra-Marathon began March 30 and finished April 12 with the runners averaging 75 kilometers a day and the 61 runners started from Soochow University in Taipei and ran clockwise around the island, with only 23 runners completing the 1100 km run.

Overcoming chilly, windy and rainy conditions, Inoue reached the finish line Friday after completing the final stage in 6:46:06. Tsai came in second after completing his run in 7:03:53.

Inoue said he was pleased to have completed the race despite the bad weather and his next goal was to challenge the record set by Ryoichi Sekiya in 2007 at the Soochow International Ultramarathon 24-Hour Endurance Run. Sekiya currently holds the record for the 274-kilometer Asian 24 hour ultra-marathon race.

After finishing in second place Tsai said he struggled with physical pain during the Taitung stage, while several consecutive days of rain had him concerned about his blisters. Tsai said his strong will and mental stability kept him going to complete the race in second place.

International Tour of Taiwan race website:

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