Wickham Park Results 2011

Joe Ninke at Wickam Park Marathon 2011 - Courtesy Matt Mahoney

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Date:    Wed, 1 Jun 2011 18:57:26 -0700
From:    Matt Mahoney
Subject: Wickham Park 200 results

Results for all 4 stages of the Wickham Park marathon and 50, 100, and 200 mile fun runs are posted to http://mattmahoney.net/wickham/11wpmar.txt

Joe Ninke of Sebastian broke his own course records for both 100 miles (18:54:58) and 200 miles (42:14:09). He was the only finisher in both races. He won the fake pebble for 100 miles and fake rock for 200. He also won the 50 mile race in 8:56:46.

The course is 50 miles per day for 4 days. Each stage starts at 7:30 AM and must be completed by 8:00 PM to be eligible to run the next stage. There were 78 starters, 57 who finished at least a marathon, and 13 who finished at least 50 miles.

The race is at Wickham Park in Melbourne FL. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/O1Lt Each stage is 13 laps of 3.75 miles on flat, sandy trails followed by a 1.25 mile out and back. The course was marked with arrows drawn with flour, which were mostly faded by the second or third lap on the first day. Any runners who had not memorized the route by then probably got lost. The turn around for the last segment was marked by a large piece of broken cinder block (a fake rock). On the last lap of the last day, whoever is in the lead must carry it back to the finish as their award.

The weather each day was in the low 80’s F with a dewpoint of about 68 F. It was usually sunny, but during the last stage a tropical wave moved over central Florida bringing clouds and cooler weather during the middle of the day. This helped Joe to a faster pace today. Yesterday’s split was less than 7 minutes under the cutoff. His 50 mile splits were 8:56:46, 9:58:12, 12:23:28, 10:55:43.

The race has no fee, no aid, and no awards for the marathon or 50 miles. However there are water faucets and bathrooms at the start of each lap and a water fountain at mile 2.5. For the last 2 days, as Joe ran alone, he set up a table with two large coolers containing all his food and drinks so he could get in and out quickly. Runners also have to write each lap split on a clipboard to have their times recorded. The race clock is a watch next to the clipboard.

Some photos:


Matt Mahoney

Wickham Park Marathon website

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