WiBoLT 2017

WiBoLT 2017

Monday June 12th sees the start of the WiBoLT 2017, a 555 km run from Rolandswerth in Germany to Bonn.
This will not be a stage race in the classic sense but there will be opportunities for rest/sleep. This is a non-stop run on the Rheinsteig.

  • You will lead from Rolandswerth (Rheinburgenweg) to Bingen (Rheinhöhenweg) and over Wiesbaden (Rheinsteig) to Bonn.
  • 555km + 19 000 height gain
  • Date: 12.06. – 18.06.2016
  • Start time: Monday, 12.06.2016 at 06 clock
  • Starting in: Rolandswerth (near Remagen)
  • Finish End Date: Sunday, 18.06.2016 at 12 clock
  • Destination: Bonn “Rathaus”
  • Time Limit: 150 hours 60 hours for Rheinburgenweg and Rheinhöhenweg -> 235km until start area in Wiesbaden for WiBoLT
  • Distance: 555km + 18 000 height gain


Route: Trail of Rheinburgenweg, Rheinhöhenweg and Rheinsteig, trail sections, ……..

Mark: The course is well received. Tracks are here!! (Or can even be obtained on www.rheinsteig.de.)

Refreshment points: More than 20 refreshment points

Food and Drink:

  •  This non-stop ultra-running is designed to provide maximum self-catering!
  • Other meals are available on its own supervisor.
  • At the 3 major aid stations (there are also the Dropbags + beds), there will be as follows:
  • Pasta (durum wheat), soup (vegetable) soup, cakes, fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, pineapples, melons), vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes), salami, cheese, applesauce, Sweet + salty foods, beverages (coffee, tea, cola, soda, water, iso, malt beer (wheat beer)

For other requests, I’m open!

1. 36 hours at 1st overnight St. Goar (140KM)
2. 60 hours at Wiesbaden (Startline -> WiBoLT) (235KM)
3. 102 hours at 2nd overnight Loreleyschool
4. 132 hours at 3rd Overnight TV Feldkirchen (Feldkirchen)


Mandatory equipment:
Drinking tube (min. 1.5 liters)
Rain Jacket
Survival blanket
2 headlights
Replacement Batteries
Sleeping bag (of whatever kind, because the night “inside” is!)
sterile bandages, sterile compresses, anti-inflammatory ointments
Money for additional + own supplies

Recommended additional equipment:
Sticks  (If these are used at the start, these are also up to the finish to use.  They can not be delivered on Dropbag!)
Sun protection,
Cap, head protection

Dropbag: -> There from WiBoLT – 60 liter volume
2 Dropbags for Rhens until Feldkirchen
For each overnight stay there is also a Dropbag station.
Spare clothes are dumped here.
In this Dropbag a sleeping bag can also be deposited then may be waived in the backpack.

Participation fee: 345 Euro

Race website: https://www.wibolt.de/

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