Tuscarora Trail 252 Mile 7 Day Stage Run

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The Tuscarora Trail 252 Mile 7 Day Stage Run is 3 months and 22 days away.
The website www.tt252.com has all the details, if it doesn’t, please let me know so I can update it/correct it/fix it/etc. Here are some quick details.

Dates: Sept 7 -13, 2008

Daily stages of 33.5, 36.2, 39.7, 28.1, 45.9, 38.4, 30.5 Miles. The distance is 252 miles. Two aid stations per day.

Stages start and end at campsites on the Tuscarora Trail, except for one night in Hancock, MD. There will be HOT showers available at the campsites.
The run starts at the northern terminus of the trail, just outside Carlisle, PA. It goes south through MD, WV, and into VA ending on the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park on Hogback Mountain.

There are two divisions, solo and two person teams. The run each day features three segments or legs. The two person relay can be done anyway you want, runners can switch days or segments/legs, etc.

Registration is being capped at 20 entries.

Right now the entry fee is $500, (that’s $1.98 per mile for those of you who figure that stuff out) but goes up July 1st. Also read the details on the site, you need to have done a qualifying run.

The entry fee pays for transportation when necessary (you will be your own transportation most of the time since you will be camping along the trail and starting and ending at these campsites), a simple breakfast, at least two aid stations per day, a campground dinner, campground fees, a hotel room in Hancock, MD, and not much more.

The set up allows for the runners to just run, not worry about a crew or finding and paying for food, buying and bringing aid station supplies, etc.
You will not need a crew, but if you want to bring someone to help out, please contact me so I can give you specific details.

I hope to keep it a low key event; hence it’s being called a run not a race, much like the first one put on by Joe Clapper and David Horton a few years ago. So if you’re really fast, or really serious, or get upset because you’re having BBQ chicken two nights in a row, or can’t follow a trail marked by a PATC volunteer (the Tuscarora Trail isn’t well marked in a areas, on several occasions you might have to stop running, break out the map and guidebook and figure things out before continuing), or don’t like camping, or get upset when you don’t make a cutoff time, or any number of other things – this isn’t the run for you.

This is your chance for a unique experience.


John Hayward
[email protected]


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