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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 07:56:06 -0800
From: John H Wallace III
Subject: Run #6157 Post #0038: Cross Country Running

First off, a big congratulations to Paul Staso and PACE Run 2006 for becoming the 7th runner in unsupported fashion to cross the country (162nd male, 172 overall including walkers, hikers, stilters, crutchers, and handers). He finished on 10/20/06 at 11:00AM ET, covering 3,260 miles over 118.94 days (started on 6/23/06 at 9:30AM PT). Additional photos, journal entries, and post run thoughts can be found at

Steve Bethune, the 25 year old running from Ocean to Ocean has transitioned his run across America into a trans-con duathlon. Injuries forced the Californian to take up biking at the end of October. Changing tires, saddle soreness, and shoe problems all need to be ironed out as he continues his adventure toward San Jose, CA. He is projected to be near the Four Corners area today where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico all meet up. Steve is still raising money for the American Heart Association and you can check on his progress at

Coast to Coast runner, Christian McEvoy is still going strong and is in the South Bend, IN area of the country. With a little over a month to go, finishing in Rhode Island, Christian continues to put up big mileage days with well-needed rest days built in. With a total mileage of 3513.7, this run is one of the top 15 longest of all time. Christian is 2/3 of the way done and continues to raise money to benefit cancer patients and survivors. The team has raised over $150,000 already and $200,000 is not out of the question by the time he is done. Blogs and photos are updated often and you can follow along at

Yesterday, I received an email from Brian Stark, cross country trail runner, who used the American Discovery Trail in 1998 as his route. He is a teacher in Arizona now and provided some additional information to my database. He wrote a book on his adventure (as many trans-con folks do) and you find more info here:

And last but not least, I was tipped off last night about a new transcontinental runner who started today. I confirmed this on his blog and am very interested on the impending details. Dean Karnazes completed his 50-50-50 on 11/5 at the NYC marathon as we all know. Well, he ran 28.5 on 11/6 and another 26.2 on 11/7. Today, Dean left NYC and will be running west to his home in San Francisco. More details will be on his main website, and you can read about the announcement on his blog,

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