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podcast.gif Radio and other audio recordings of interviews with ultra and multiday runners as well as members of the community who provide related services

John Vonhof Footcare specialist 8/12/06 GoFAR
Scott Williamson Multiday Hiker 29/3/06
Sandy Powell 24 hour 3/7/06 EndurancePlanet
Lisa Smith-Batchen Multiday/Coach 22/5/06 EndurancePlanet
Stan Jensen webmaster 11/11/05 EndurancePlanet
John Wallace Trans America 2/11/05 EndurancePlanet
Gillian Robinson 24 hour + ultras 15/8/05 EndurancePlanet
Don Lundell 24 hour + ultras 10/8/05 EndurancePlanet
Pam Reed Ultrarunner 1/7/05 EndurancePlanet
Jay Batchen Multiday 10/6/05 EndurancePlanet
Dean Karnazes Ultrarunner 4/3/05 EndurancePlanet

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