The Coastal Challenge 2010 – Day 6

Mark Matyazic of Team GENR8, with a bruised heel, runs through the last beach section of The Coastal Challenge. Photo Credit: J. Andrés Vargas - Lead Adventure Media

Javier Montero and Margaret Phillips take first at The Coastal Challenge

Written by Greg Dawson

After six days of climbing volcanos, traversing rivers, fighting wind swept plateaus and scorching dry heat, Javier Montero (CRC) has secured his third consecutive overall win at The Coastal Challenge. Stage racing newcomer Margaret Phillips (Canada) took first place in the women’s division.

Cesar Ortega (CRC) finished second and first-time multi-day adventure racer Ty Stevens (USA) took third place overall. The six-day expedition race through Costa Rica’s must rugged and surreal mountainous range showed why you can’t expect what’s ahead on the trail.

“Honestly, with my first expedition run, I didn’t know I’d place this high,” said Stevens. “Taking second midway through, my focus shifted a little bit. I pushed on day four and five, but all in all, it was just an honor to run alongside such a talented group of runners.”

Team GENR8 Ty Stevens, Mark Matyazic, Alexa Dickerson, Milko Mejia, Peter (Pedro) Spiller and Peggy Dennis know being able to finish a race is one thing and completing an adventure race is another.

“The countless hours of intense terrain and varied weather conditions provided not only a challenge, but an opportunity to employ our communal discipline,” said Team GENR8 team captain Mark Matyazic.

Multiple days of endless elevation, hardcore and muddy climbing made for one of the best and worst races some had to experience.

“Tendonitis and a bruised heel bone made for an excruciating run, but having already finished a Coastal Challenge and another TCC expedition race, I knew I was mentally prepared for the hurdles ahead,” said Matyazic. “Pain was my companion the entire journey.”

The mental fortitude and ability of the runners to finish The Coastal Challenge goes beyond training for a day of running.

“It’s one thing to run for one day, but when you have six days to run, you just have to mentally prepare yourself and that’s exactly what these runners did,” said volunteer Linda Andrus.

Top five overall men’s division finishing times: Javier Montero (CRC) 21:36:14, Cesar Ortega (CRC) 22:15:03, Ty Stevens (USA) 23:53:05, Mark Lattanzi (USA) 27:09:04 and Rolando Moreira (CRC) 30:03:29.

Top five overall women’s division finishing times: Margaret Phillips (Canada) 32:37:26, Stacey Shand (Canada) 35:23:13, Melida Barbee (CRC) 35:39:39 and Shannon MacLeod (Canada) 39:59:46.

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