The 2011 Multiday Race Calendar

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Jan 7 USA Ragnar – Florida Central
Jan 22 MRT Grand Raid du Sahara Raid
Jan 29 CRI The Coastal Challenge Coastal Challenge
Jan 31 USA Arrowhead 135
Feb 2 EGY La Piste des Oasis La piste des
Feb 5 GBR Pilgrim Challenge 2 x 33 miles
Feb 6 CAN Yukon Arctic Ultra
Feb 7 RSA Wild Coast Ultra
Feb 19 LIB The Libyan Challenge (190k) Libyan Challenge
Feb 19 GUF La Transaharianna Raid
Feb 25 USA Ragnar Relay Del Sol Ragnar
Feb 27 USA Iditarod Trail Invitational Alaskan Ultra Sport
Feb 27 EGY le Désert Blanc La piste des
Feb 27 CHI Atacama Crossing
Mar 4 ESP TransGranCanaria TransGranCanaria
Mar 6 TUN 100km del Sahara
Mar 11 USA 3 days of Syllamo
Mar 12 ARG Raid Patagonie Antarctic
Mar 13 GUY Raid Amazonie
Mar 17 HUN Balaton Szupermarathon
Mar 18 CAN 6633 Ultra120/350 miles
Mar 25 GBR Jurassic Coast 3 day 78 miles
Mar 27 NAM Namib Desert Challenge Kinetic Events
Apr 1 MOR Marathon Des Sables US- Dreamchaser events
Apr USA Arizona 6 Day Call Gary: 520-220-0866
Apr 3 GRE Athens Ultra Fest 1000 km & 7 day race Athens Ultra Fest
Apr 4 CAN Polar Race 350 miles
Apr 7 GRE Athens Ultra Fest 72 Hour race Athens Ultra Fest
Apr 8 GRE Athens Ultra Fest 48 Hour race Athens Ultra Fest
Apr 9 GRE Athens Ultra Fest 24 Hour race Athens Ultra Fest
Apr 15 USA Ragnar Relay So Cal Ragnar
Apr 15 GER Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf
Apr 18 USA Self-Transcendence 10 day Sri Chinmoy Marathon T.
Apr 22 GBR JOGLE Ultra
Apr 22 USA Self-Transcendence 6 day Sri Chinmoy Marathon T.
Apr 24 ITA Volcano Trail
Apr 30 SEN La Piste des Aventuriers
Apr 30 AUT Abenteuerlauf
May 4 HUN UNIX 6 Day/48 hour
May 5 USA McNaughton in Vermont 500/200 Peak Races
May 6 USA The Cape Relay 175 miles
May 7 MDG UTOP 120 km
May 10 AUS The Track 590 km
May 12 BRA Brazil Running Adventure Race Website
May 13 USA Ragnar Relay New York Ragnar
May 13 USA 3 Days at the Fair 48/24/12/6 3 Days at the Fair
May 15 FRA Grande Traverse du Jura
May FRA Surgeres 48 hour 2012 Surgeres (Information)
May 20 USA Ragnar Relay New England Ragnar
May 27 BEL La Transardennaise
May NLD pieter-ROG-pad
May 29 USA Wickham Park 200/100/50
May 30 FRA La Trans-Aq’, 230km
May 31 GER Bergisch Land 300 km
Jun 2 USA Toms Run 200m relay/solo
Jun 3 GER Transdeutschland 2012
Jun 4 LKA Si Lankha Extreme Raid
Jun 5 FRA Antibes 6 Day Race
Jun 10 USA Ragnar Relay Chicago
Jun 11 GER Eifelsteig Eifelsteig
Jun 12 USA Desert R.A.T.S. Desert R.A.T.S.
Jun 12 USA Self-Transcendence 3100 Sri Chinmoy Marathon T.
Jun 17 ITA Magraid (3 day stage race)
Jun 17 USA Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back Ragnar
Jun 18 DEN Bornholm 6 Day 48/24/6
Jun 18 USA Green Mountain Relay Green mountain
Jun 19 USA LA to New York
Jun 22 GBR Thames Ring
Jun 24 GBR South Downs Way 3 days 106 miles
Jun 25 HUN Ultrabalaton 212
Jun 26 GBR Round The Island
Jun 26 GER Frankenweg-Lauf
Jun 26 CHN Gobi March
Jul 2 CHE Swiss Jura Nature Trail 200km 2 days
Jul 7 NOR Le Raid des Trolls
Jul 11 ESP Al Andalus Ultra Trail
Jul USA Vol State Road Race [email protected]
Jul 15 IND The High – 135 miles
Jul 16 FRA La France En Courant Relay La France
Jul 17 FRA Gerard Denis 245 km
Jul 22 USA Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage Ragnar
Jul 24 MNG Gobi Challenge (7 days)
Jul 24 GER Baltic Run
Jul 27 FRA 19th Defi de l’Oisans
Jul 28 USA Mountain R.A.T.S. Gemini
Jul 29 AUS Caboolture 48 hr & State 24 hr Run Caboolture 6-12-24-48
Jul 29 SWE Trans Scania Gax Trans Scania
Aug 10 FRA La Transe Gaule
Aug 12 USA Wild West Relay Wild West Relay
Aug 3 SLO Trans Slovenia 400 km
Aug 19 USA Ragnar Relay Great River Ragnar
Aug 21 USA TransRockies Run TransRockies Run
Aug 26 USA Hood To Coast Relay Hood to
Aug 26 CHE Erlebnislauf Erlebnislauf
Aug 26 USA Colorado Relay 170 m.
Aug 26 SWE
Skövde Ultrafestival 24/12/6/1
Sep 2 GBR The Toad Challenge 90 m 3 days
Sep 3 GER Erft-Spendenlauf 2 day 120km
Sep 3 <> Transalpine-Run Transalpine Run
Sep 4 GER Horb-run Berlin – HBL 790 km
Sep 7 BOL Inca Run Inca Run
Sep 9 USA Blue Ridge Relay 208 miles Blue Ridge Relay
Sep 10 <> Andean Triangle Running Adventure Andes Adventures
Sep 10 GBR Trans Britain Go Beyond Ultra
Sep 11 ITA Tor des Géants
Sep 13 GBR M2M
Sep 16 USA Ragnar Relay Napa Valley
Sep KOR Trans Korea West to East Sea 308K
KOR Trans Korea South to North End 537K
KOR Trans Korea South to North End 643K
Sep GRE Spartathlon 246 km Spartathlon
Sep 23 USA Ragnar Relay Washington DC Ragnar
Sep 30 USA New York Relay
Sep 30 GBR Atlantic Coast Challenge Votwo
Oct 1 FRA Grand Trail du Nord
Oct 2 EGY Sahara Race
Oct 3 GER Lulluspfad 5 day/184 km
Oct 6 RSA 10th Kalahari Extreme Marathon
Oct 6 BRA Jungle Marathon 200km
Oct 7 USA The Bourbon Chase 200 Mile Relay Bourbon
Oct 7 USA Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania
Oct 7 AUS Tour de Tirol 76 miles 3 days
Oct 13 IDN Indo Ultra
Oct 21 USA Ragnar Relay Las Vegas Ragnar
Oct <> Supermarathon
Oct 24 FRA Corsica Coast 180 km CorsicaCoast Race
Nov 4 OMN Desert Oman Raid
Nov 4 USA Ragnar Relay Tennessee
Nov JPN Kansai Dream Road
Nov 11 GBR Druid Challenge
Nov 18 USA Ultracentric 48/24/12/6
Nov 18 GBR Pembrokeshire Challenge
Nov ALG Des Foulees Touaregues Nature Extreme Developpement/
Nov 20 NEP Racing The Planet – Nepal
Nov 20 MON No Finish Line 8 Days No Finish Line
Nov 23 CRI La Transtica
Nov NER 222
Dec 15 IND Sur La Piste des Maharajahs N.E.D .
Dec NER Raid Tenere Passion Raid
Dec 29 USA Across The Years 72/48/24 Across the Years
Jan 6 USA Ragnar Relay Florida Ragnar
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