Swedish and Nordic Record Attempts On Treadmills

Valdemar Andersson and Hans Bryen ~ Photo Carina Galanou/SR Örebro
Valdemar Andersson and Hans Bryen ~ Photo: Carina Galanou/SR Örebro

Press Release
Swedish Radio Örebro
December 3, 2009

Valle and Hasse to break records on the radio

Is it physically possible to run over 200 km in 24 hours – or 300 km in 48 hours – on the treadmill? In early January Valdemar Andersson and Hans Byrén from IF Spartacus make a record attempt at Radio House in Orebro, Sweden.

Sunday, January 3rd at 09.55 is the starting point for the 55-year-old Radio journalist Waldemar Andersson to run as far as possible in 48 hours to try to set a new Swedish and Nordic record in long distance running on treadmills.

In spring 2008, Valdemar managed 277 kilometer and thus became the best in Scandinavia, but a year later, Stefan Lindvall from Gothenburg, stretched the record with 291 kilometers.

To run 30-mil is at the very least a tough challenge but I hope that support from radio listeners will help me when fatigue is at its worst, “said Valdemar Andersson, who normally works as a journalist at the Swedish Radio Örebro.

44-year-old club-mate and municipal official Hans Byrén from Klockhammar begins his record attempt just one day later, Monday 4 January 2010. He is a marathon runner and has previously ran six 24-hour races. But to set a record indoors on a treadmill is new to him. The current record of 180 kilometer was set by Ari Pohjola in Örnsköldsvik in the summer of 2009.

“I have already twice run over 200 km on the track at 24 hours, so the hope is to do it on the treadmill, “says Hans Byrén.

The record attempts will take place in a large music studio in the Radio Hall of the Western Ratakatu 15 Örebro. Journalists and the curious are welcome to attend the finish on Tuesday the 5th of Januari 2010. You can also read Valles and Hasses blog on www.sr.se/orebro.


Valdemar Andersson: 070-456 78 25, Hans Byrén: 073-9297475
Anna Lorentzon, Program Swedish Radio Örebro: 019-19 20 50

Guidelines for the record attempt on the treadmill:

You have to run/walk as far as possible at the time specified, 24 or 48 hours.

The runner can take pause at any time, for food, rest or using the toilet, but every second off the treadmill is time lost while the clock is ticking away.

Facts on record on treadmill:

Ari Pohjola from Örnsköldsvik, the Swedish record of 24 hours in Treadmill: summer of 2009 he ran 180 kilometer. The Nordic record is held by the Norwegian Lars Sætran who in February 2003 ran 193.08 kilometers in 24 hours. The world record is the American Christopher Bergland since April 2004: 247.45 kilometers.

Sweden’s Stefan Lindvall holds both the Swedish and Nordic record of 48 hours of running on treadmills: In spring 2009, he ran 291 km. The world record holder Irishman Tony Mangan who in August 2008 ran 405.22 km.

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