Steenbergen 24 Hour Race 2009

van_steenbergen_24hr_site2_May the 9th & 10th saw the second edition of the Steenbergen ultra marathons. This years event featured a marathon, 6 hour and a 24 hour run and also a 24 hour team race.

Men 24 hour
1 Peter Rietveld 218,598
2 Chris Dhooge 211,613
3 Henri Tijskens 207,221

Women 24 hour
1 Wilma Dierx 173,451
2 Nellie van der Made 148,592
3 Regina van Geene 133,481
4 Betsy Van Giels 10,464

Full results are available at Ultralopen van Steenbergen The home of multiday running news and events.

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