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multiday and ultrarunning newsAs of today, April 27th 2012, the Ultra News section is changing address. This will be the final post in this section as we are trying to make some kind of order on the site to make navigation more straightforward.

The structure of the news is broken into three main areas.

Currently this post is in the ultra-news category on the main site and these posts will migrate to the new Ultrarunning News section and this category will be retired.

All new posts and updates are on a new subdomain of the site however the old /ultranews section will remain during transition .

This address will remain viewable for the next 3 months and will then redirect to the new location.

As an aside, I noticed that since the site began recording stats back in 2006 there have been 848,015 visitors – not hits – to the site and at this rate should reach a million by the end of the year. I think we shall celebrate that milestone in some way.

Best wishes,

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