Silverton 6 Day Race 2013

Silverton1000The Silverton 1000 multiday run is a multiday event in Colorado featuring 4 races:

  • August 27th – 6 Day Run & 1000 Mile Challenge
  • August 30th – 72 Hour Run
  • August 31st – 48 Hour Run
  • September 1st – 24 Hour Run

Current standings in the Silverton 6 Day Race place Jeremy Ebel in first place with 288 km ahead of John Geesler on 276 km and Scott Brockmeier in third with 243 km

The ladies 6 day is currently being led by Patricia Carroll with 193 km, Reina Jenkins is in second place with 162 km and third is Pati Coury with 103 km,

Live results:
Website: The home of multiday running news and events.

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