Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 Day Races 2013

self-transcendece 6 and 10 day races 2013Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 Day Races 2013
Runners from at least 23 (twenty-three) countries are getting ready to journey to New York City and its enormous, extremely historic Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.  The event starts on the shore of Meadow Lake (site of various ultra WORLD RECORDS, including Don Ritchie’s 1978 road 11:50  100 mile, Dipali Cunningham’s 514 mile 6 day, and even 1952 Olympian Ted Corbitt’s fast 2:30 marathon win in 1956.)
Returning runners, race directors, handlers and fans are all ecstatic that the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Race Committee has once again lured famous New Zealand Chef Nipura (as seen on television) to work all 10 days during what would normally be her vacation time.  Men, women and children alike have all opined that not only is she a world-reknowned soup specialist, she is truly a “beautiful person,” with one of the greatest of smiles and most outgoing and encouraging of personalities.
Leading the men’s field in the 10 day will be two world class 50+ year young runners, Australia’s Martin Fryer (PRs range from 162 mi/ 24 hrs to 505 miles/ 6 days, plus many fast short distance times) and the Ukraine’s Volodimir Hulushek (600 miles in 10 days).  The distaff side will have former overall winner of the race Kaneenika Terezia Janakova, who many USA runners may not know has been a full-time, legal U.S. resident for some years now.  Kaneenika holds the women’s 10 day record of 724 miles (!) and has many other world class multi-day performances.
Details on the concurrent 6 day race, which will feature the USA’s 48 hour record-holder Phil McCarthy and US and world women’s road 6 day record holder Dipali Catherine Cunningham, are forthcoming.
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