Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2012 – Updates Day 34

Atmavir Petr Spacil
Day 34 - Atmavir Spacil 990 miles to go Photo by Prabhakar
Atmavir Petr Spacil
Day 34 – Atmavir Spacil 990 miles to go Photo by Prabhakar
Standings as of Friday night, end of Day 34 at the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race
Course: .5488 of a mile loop around Austin Park and Edison School, Jamaica Hills, NYC.
1. Grahak S. Cunningham 2427 miles
2. Sarvagata M. Ukrainskyi 2319 miles
3. Pranjal M. Milovnik 2236 miles
4. Pushkar C. Mullauer 2186 miles
5. Atmavir P. Spacil 2110 miles
6. Vasu Duzhiy 2060 miles
7. Stutisheel Lebedyev, Esq. 2035 miles
8. Arpan S. DeAngelo 1897 miles
9. Pradeep M. Hoogakker 1848 miles
10. Dr. Baladev P. Saraz 1778 miles
11. Ananda-Lahari R. Zuscin 1728 miles
12. John Ghost Tarrant 1,581 miles
Mark Dorion writes:
Heat Wave #4, with highs in the upper 90s and very still air, has had an effect on the runners the past few days. Two days ago just two runners (Grahak and Pranjal) managed to top 60 miles for the day.
Sarvagata, the defending champion, has had some hip issues and has had to spend a few days just fast-walking. There are four tight (right angle) turns on the loop, which can wreck havoc on hips and other parts of the body. Running these a bit wide adds a bit of distance, but is much easier on the body even at slower running speeds.
Two guys with similar names, Satyakarma Elliot (Aust., helping Mr. Cunningham) and Satyagraha (Ukraine, helping Stutisheel) are AMAZING, tireless, professional handlers. It is amazing the variety of jobs and errands these guys do, often putting in 20-25Km a day themselves as they jog 200 meters out while handing off beverages etc. to their runners, then trot back. Satyagraha has to leave for business in San Diego tomorrow, but Stutisheel has other professional help arriving.
SOME QUESTIONS I have been asked more than once by followers of the race:
–Grahak Cunningham is no relation to the great Dipali Cunningham (that they know of). Dipali has been out on the course some days cheering Grahak on. Both are Australia natives, but Dipali grew up in Melbourne, Grahak at the other end of the country in Greater Perth.
–Each day the runners switch directions– clockwise one day, counterclockwise the next. The clockwise direction seems to be more uphill to many of the runners and helpers.
–Runners try to start at 6 a.m. each day (that is when the course opens), and need to have their last lap completed by 12:00:59 (midnight).
–I am not out at the race at present as I am 280 miles north visiting family and friends in Vermont/ New Hampshire. I will be back out to the 3100 in a few days. I have tried to help the runners without helpers/ handlers as much as possible. I have had some great interviews and moments with nearly all the runners and race personnel.
More news later,
Best wishes to all ultrarunners around the globe,
Mark D & Family

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