Self-Transcendence 24 hour Race Ottawa a report

A Long Night

I have been waiting for the official results to be posted, but there seems to be a delay. The weather was very pleasant at the start of the 26 th edition of the race. It was sunny with temp’s in the mid 70’s, There was some excitement because a Polish runner had said he intended to run 250 km and he started off well. Laurie Mc Grath also started with the intention of breaking her own Canadian 24 hour record,which she set just 6 weeks before in Drummondville. Within a few hours the Polish runner was done and Laurie assumed the overall lead. It stayed that way until she set a new Canadian womens 100 mile record about two thirds of the way through the race. From then on she struggled and the mens leader John Geesler slowly reeled her in. He also had some problems in the night and came close to being passed himself. However he prevailed and in the last hour took the overall lead, eventually winning with a total of 205.6 km to Laurie’s 201 which was only 10 km short of her record. The organization and support was very good though out the whole event and hopefully the results will be posted soon.

I by the way ran 131 km which was an improvement on Drummondville, I am starting to like these things again and will look for more races and hopefully more improvement in the future. The home of multiday running news and events.

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