Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race Basle 2011 – Results

The Self-Transcendence 24 Hour race in Basle is hosted by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and this year was the 23rd edition of the race.
The event finished earlier today with Latvian Victor Rodionov winning the mens event with 225 km (139 miles). Fourth place man was Asprihanal Aalto with 200.221 km – a week after finishing second in the Self-Transcendence 6 Day race in New York with 467 miles. A remarkable 24 hour performance.

The womens event was won by Heike Christ with 207 km (125 miles) good for 4th place overall. 90 runners in the 24 hour and 45 in the 12 hour.

The Self-Transcendence 12 hour race was won by Welshman John Pares with 136 km and the womens 12 hour winner was Dorothea Pfeffer with 113 km 5th place overall.

24 Hour Men
1 Victor Rodionov Olaine LSC LV 225.058
2 Oliver Ruf Bad Krozingen LG DUV DE 215.873
3 Maic Seegel Heidelberg DUV DE 210.228

24 Hour Women
1 Heike Christ Horb-Mühringen LT Sulz am Eck DE 207.054
2 Barbara Mallmann Höhenkirchen-Sieg Laufarena Allgäu DE 199.280
3 Vasuprada Funk München Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team DE 171.279

12 Hour Men
1 Pares John Gockhausen Buckley RC GB 136.962
2 Schmid Simon Mönthal Mönthal CH 127.557
3 Desteffani Jörg Windisch Windisch CH 127.516

12 Hour Women
1 Dorothea Pfeffer Bönen Lauffreunde Bönen DE 113.696
2 Maya Lukas Karlsruhe LSG Karlsruhe DE 109.289
3 Jale Yenginer FORD OTOSAN TR 95.744

Full results available on the Sri Chinmoy website The home of multiday running news and events.

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