Salt Flats 100

Salt Flats 100 mile race
Photo courtesy of Vince Romney

The Salt Flats 100 Mile Endurance Run takes place at the Bonneville Speedway (where land-speed records have been set) and take in Floating Island, Crater Island, Silver Island and looping back at the start. The event takes place at the end of April, this year Apr 27, 2012 and is located near Wendover, Utah.
The inaugural event took place in 2011 to basically test the feasibilty of the event with 8 runners taking part. This year there were 42 finishers including Elvis the Dog who squeezed in 10 minutes inside the 36 hour cut-off.

The organisers provide 14 aid station and the website has this to say:


We will provide aid stations with water and traditional aid station fare (Hammer Heed, Endurolytes, Gel, melons, bananas, PB&J, Soups for the overnight stations, etc) but in the end, you are expected to be responsible for your physical well being.  If you are visibly tweaking at an aid station, we reserve the right to hold you for medical evaluation or even pull you from the race.  Please take care of yourself!  There has been much discussion over the past few years on the level of medical evaluation that should be a part of a race like this.  This event is NOT the Boston Marathon… it has no “medical director”, no on-staff physicians.  Thanks to the Elko Fire Department and several dedicated HAM Radio operators, we will have emergency medical support and off-road evacuation capability.  If you have any doubt about your ability to maintain your own health, don’t register.


One of the great benefits of running ultramarathons is that one gets to go to places that one would not otherwise be able to experience. Running the Bonneville salt plain is one of those unique opportunities and the area has a long history as the website alludes to. The Race Directors Vince and Chris Romney had limited the field this year to 50 runners and they came  from 12 different states across the US.

The Salt Flats 100 mens winner was local runner Jay Aldous in an impressive time of 15:04:45 some 4 hours ahead of second placed Peter Lindgren. Womens winner was Liz Bauer from Plainville, GA in 24:44:01.


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