Running Partner Wanted For TransRockies 2007

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:25:46 -0700
From: Sarah Syed
Subject: Intro & TransRockies Trail Run Partner

Hi Ultra folks,
Greetings! My name is Sarah, and I’m new around here.

I am looking for a partner to race the TransRockies trail run. September 16-21st, 2007. Six days. 125 miles. Beaver Creek to Aspen, CO. Additional details at:

I would love to make a new friend near my pace to train for the event with. I have already registered as a team leader, but lack a teammate. I need to find a teammate by May 1st, so please write soon if you are at all interested. Solo entrants are not permitted, the event is limited to 150 teams.

2-3 days are ultra distance, all 6 days have significant elevation.

$1250 Registration fee includes all support, including transport of gear, luggage, tent rental and set-up, breakfast and evening meal at each stage, energy bars, energy drinks, fruit, during stages, access to showers, etc. $200 deposit due May 1st. Full payment is due by June 1st. I realize the entry fee is spendy, (and perhaps controversial given recent list discussion), but for me its worth it to not have to coordinate logistics on my own. I’d spend as much on a typical 6 day vacation myself. : )

Ideal Race Partner: Male or female, doesn’t matter. Strong running base (or solid running + alternate sport base) Pace: Presently able to sustain 9-10 min/mile on hilly trails; 7.5-8.5 min/mile on gentle terrain. Looking to improve speed slightly. The race requires that you stay within two minutes of your teammate at all time, so finding a partner similar to my pace is essential. Dedication: Willing to commit to 16 week training plan beginning June 1st ramping up from 25 to 70 miles/week. I am fine doing runs on my own, but want to be sure whoever I race with is committed to training on their own too. Location: SF Bay Area *or* at elevation in a western state (for example Tahoe) preferred. But I’m flexible on this! Age: within 10-15 years of me (I’m 26). I don’t mean to be ageist, but I just think we’ll get along better if you’re between the admittedly arbitrary ages of 11 and 41 ; )

A little about me: 26, female, trail runner, road cyclist, backpacker, urban planner, graduate student. Location: Berkeley, California

I’ve been running for just over a year, so I’m still in that puppy love stage. I typically run one trail race/month, mostly for the social aspect and so I don’t have to carry all my own nutrition. 1/2 marathon distance is my favorite distance so far. I like to challenge myself pace-wise. I am a little obsessive about injury prevention, so I take care not to overdo it. I initially started running to cross-train for cycling, but running has become my primary sport as of late. I have never run farther than 25K, but am confident I’ve got a solid base to train for this event. I was inspired to register for this event on a recent tramping holiday in New Zealand. Most days on the trail I found myself thinking “this would be so much more fun if I was running!”

I plan to do a few weekend getaways over the summer to train at elevation– so if you don’t live near me, but live at elevation in California/Nevada/or nearby that could work too!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah Syed [email protected] The home of multiday running news and events.

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