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Richard Bowles running the INTUltrarunner Richard Bowles is currently trying to run the Israel National Trail in 12 days. Today is his eigth day on the 1009 km route from Eilat in the southernmost part of Israel to Dan in the North.

A crew member is posting on his blog:

Day 7
93km Arad to (near) Beit Guvrin

Beileve it or not, after 6 gruelling days in the desert, Richard ran his longest day yet, 93km. Incidentally, this is in fact the longest distance Richard has ever run in one day! Yes, an ultra marathoner to the core, but more of the multi-stage variety…..93km took Rich almost 14 hours to complete, and his last 11km was shared with a very special man, Mr Yair Israel, a mult-marathon runner, and also ran the INT in 24 days in 2003……..when he was 59 years old.

The day was filled with apprehension, as Rich had a massive target to reach, and began the morning hobbling along on painful feet, walking slower than most peoples grandmas would walk to the shops…..the crew wondered if he was going to even start running.

By the second checkpoint, Richard had perked up, and was full of energy and enthusiasm. He was met and cheered into the check point by some wonderful local people, namely Avi Nadon, who was one of the founders of the INT, and Dodik, one of the founders of Kibbutz Lahave, where both he and Avi are residents, and helped plant the incredibly lush green forest that surrounds the community…..right on the edge of the desert.

Read the whole article: Day 7 93km Arad to (near) Beit Guvrin

About Richard Bowles
During 2012 Richard became the first person to run the worlds longest marked trail, the rough and remote Bicentennial National Trail of Australia traversing the treacherous and remote dividing range mountains from Melbourne to Cooktown, raising awareness and funds for mental health organisation SAN.
Just 3 weeks after completing this incredible feat, Richard flew to New Zealand to tackle their incredibly tough and dangerous 3,054km Te Araroa Trail, and in 65 days Richard became the first person to run the entire trail.

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