Perth, Scotland, Ultra Fest 24-hour and 100km Events

Scotland’s proud tradition in ultra distance running enters a new chapter this autumn as Perth & Kinross hosts a high quality set of road races at the Inches/Bell’s Leisure Centre (September 13th/14th), and entry is now open.
Entry is online for the Perth Ultra Fest 24-hour and 100km events through the scottishathletics website, with entry also open (downloadable forms and over the phone) for the 12-hour mixed relay and under-15 relay.
The events, organised by scottishathletics and sponsored by Run and Become, Scotland’s specialist running shop, will be in a pilot format to see whether the venue could host an IAU 24-hour World Championships in the next few years. Delegates from the International Association of Ultra Runners are expected to visit the city to monitor the race.
All four events will use a 2.38km lap around the perimeter of the Inches, starting and finishing at the rear of Bell’s Leisure Centre, and lap times will be recorded using microchips attached to runners’ ankles.

*24-hour race (estimated 40 competitors – senior)
Start: 10:00am Saturday
Finish: 10:00am Sunday
*100km race (estimated 40 competitors – senior)
Start: 12:00 noon Saturday
Finish: 8:00am Sunday cut off
*12 hours mixed ‘night-time’ relay (teams of six – any combination 18 yrs old and over)
Start: 8:00pm Saturday
Finish: 8:00am Sunday
*Under-15 12-lap relay (three boys/three girls)
Start: 2:00pm Saturday
Entry is currently online only for the 24-hour and 100km races with downloadable entry forms available for the two relay events,
Entrants for the 100km and 24-hour races will be requested to note their experience.
The prize structure is as follows:
24 hour race = £100 each for winning male/female
100km race = £100 each for winning male/female
12-hour team relay = £150
Run and Become vouchers will be presented for the minor positions.
Please note that 100km (62.2 miles) and 24-hours are the two standard ultra distances recognised for competitions and record purposes. A 100km is comparable to a marathon; it’s a fixed distance completed within a certain time. A 24-hour event is a fixed time during which runners circle an accurately measured loop, each lap being meticulously recorded to give a total distance. The home of multiday running news and events.

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