Pen Hadow Plans Trans-Arctic Ocean Crossing

pen hadowExplorer Announces Solo Arctic Challenge

British explorer Pen Hadow will attempt the first unsupported solo crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole in February 2013.

Ten years after his record-setting solo trek from Canada to the North Geographic Pole, Pen will begin one of the last polar journeys yet to be made – the 1,000 mile coast-to-coast traverse of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada, via the North Pole on foot.

“It’s all about combining the spirits of adventure and science to get the important message out that the Arctic Ocean environment is rapidly changing, and the impacts will be coming to many of us, sooner rather than later.” commented Hadow on his website.

The 100 day journey will see Pen pulling a sled with all his necessary gear across the ice while he performs research into the seasonal disappearence of the sea ice.

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