Northcoast 24 Hour Results 2012

northcoast 24 hour race 2012The North Coast 24 Hour Race unofficial results have just been posted on the race website. This race was also the USATF 24 Hour National Championship.

Top 10 runners

1 Jon Olsen M 158.53
2 Serge Arbona M 153.43
3 Sabrina Moran F 147.9
4 Constance Gardner F 142.32
5 Joe Fejes M 142.08
6 Suzanna Bon F 133.97
7 Brad Polman M 133.01
8 Ryan Jones M 129.35
9 Byron Lane M 127.37
10 Debra Horn F 124.6

The The Northcoast 24 Hour Race will also take place September 22nd 2012.

Full race results on the website:

Race report: Sabrina Moran

Race report: Deb Horn The home of multiday running news and events.

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