No Finish Line 2017 – Updates 129 Hours

No Finish Line
The course gets very busy at rush hours - after work and at lunch time. Photo courtesy No Finish Line

No Finish Line 2017 is approaching 129 hours. Though this is an 8 day race, 6 day splits count in the rankings.
The main players have opened up some space between them and the top positions haven’t really changed much for several days now. However it’s very competitive and the kilometers are mounting up.

Didier Sessegolo (FRA) leads the men and Mimi Chevillon (FRA) leads the women.

Men129 hours
1Didier Sessegolo605
2Fausto Parigi577
3Stephane Leroux533
4Robert Miorin524
1Mimi Chevillon447
2Sonia Lutterotti389
3Pascale Pasquier386
4Julienne Viviane359

Live results: finish line
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