New England 200 Mile Run and 100 Mile Run 2008

From the race website:

Pittsfield races are not designed to be easy.

They are designed to challenge you, make you cry, make you dirty, and in some cases, make you bleed a little. The race organizers have a sincere desire to help you succeed. We also have a sincere desire to challenge you beyond your limits, and to provide you with a race experience that you are seldom to find anywhere else in the East.

The course is tough and the weather can be unpredictable; but your courage undeniable. We strive to provide you with a race you will never forget, and if you complete the course, a badge of courage and determination to wear on your chest. This race makes a great training run for any of the more difficult 100 Mile races (HURT, Hardrock, Massanutten, Grand Tetons, Bear) and subsequently any of the “easier” 100’s as well.

Checkout all the details at: The home of multiday running news and events.

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