Martin Illot – TransAm Solo Project 2007

Martin Illot has announced plans to run solo across the USA from Huntinton Beach to New York at the end of March, 2007.

The run will begin on the west coast, at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles on the 31st March, heading northeast towards Las Vegas.    Following a familiar route for trans-USA runners from LA to New York covering a distance of approximately 3100 miles. Martin will pass  through the Mojave Desert of California, over the Rocky Mountains in Utah and Colorado, across the plains of the mid-west in Kansas and Missouri and the Central lowlands of Illinois.  The final leg takes over the Appalachian Mountains and Coastal plain, through the eastern states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, with a projected finishing time in Central Park sometime in June or July.

Martin is raising money for Thames hospicecare and hopes to raise £10,000.

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