Martin Fryer, Mami Kudo Win Surgeres 2009

Martin Fryer from

Australias Martin Fryer was the clear winner at the Surgeres 48 hour race last weekend in France, beating his pb of 393 km. Covering 433 km (269 miles) Martin was a comfortably ahead of last years winner, Japan’s Ryoichi Sekiya (402 km). Third place was French Emmanuel Conraux  with 374 km.

Japans Mami Kudo who was fourth with 227 km in last years world championships in Seoul, this year ran 385 km, 239 miles to take first place. Second was Galina Eremina from Russia with 357.9 km just edging  third placed Czech Republic ultrarunner, Michaela Dimitriadu, at 35 the youngest runner at the event with 357.6 km.

The Surgeres 48 hour race is one of only a few 24 hour races currently taking place and is undoubtedly the premier event at this distance with invitation only competitors. Set up in 1985 to help Jean-Gilles Boussiquet, one of the worlds top multiday runners at that time, set a new French 48 hour record.  The race has continued with that goal,to provide good facilities and support and invites the best runners in the world to take part.

Video of the last 10 minutes

Full results are available at the race website

Update posted on the Ultralist:

Date:    Tue, 26 May 2009 16:35:51 +0900
From:    Aki Inoue
Subject: Re: France 48 hr.


I just came back from Surgeres, France to Tokyo, Japan.
This is my 6th time to crew Japanese runners there. This year, I have personally helped Mami Kudo (her first 48H) and Masayuki Otaki (winner of the race in 2005 and 2007) at the same time.

In fact, Mami Kudo renewed the women’s world record with about 2.4km (1.5 miles or 8 laps of about 300m track). The former record holder, Sumie Inagaki (IAU 24H world champion in 2004 and 2006) also took part in the race for another record, but faded in the middle of the race due to severe renal as well as gastro-intestinal problems.

Martin Fryer from Australia showed an incredible performance. His strategy was interesting. He walked a lot of time even in the first quarter (12H), but when he was running, it was fast, then maintained almost an even pace throughout the race (like 224km – 209km in 1st and 2nd half 24H). The similar strategy was seen in Bergamo, Italy a few weeks ago (IAU World Champs 24H ) in which a French lady, Ann-Cecile Fontaine, who won the women’s race walked/stop often,
but ran fast (like interval sessions).

Martin’s record would  be the second world best in the 48H racing history (behind Kouros). For the certification of Mami’s and Martin’s records, we have to wait until the results of the doping test are revealed.

John and Tony had somewhat a hard time after the first quarter, and did not gain many miles in this race. According to the preliminary results distributed on-site, John and Tony did 277.764 km (18th out of 24) and 252.139km (23th/24), respectively.

Sandy Powell of USA covered 288.622km (16th/24).

Just a quick information.

See people in Torhout, Belgium, next month (IAU 100km World Champs).

– Aki Inoue
Manager & coach & handler, Ultrarunning Team Japan (100km, 24H, 48H).
Winner, ATY 48H in 2000-2001 & 2004-2005. (crew, in 2003-2004) The home of multiday running news and events.

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