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Slovakian Ultras

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Japan’s Ultras

The Ultralist

Sri Chinmoy Races

Ultramarathon Running

Multiday Running

Run 100’s
Trail Running Soul

Ultra Legends
Running Relays.com


Ultra Adventures

Maraton Turk


Multiday Race Sites

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
World leaders hosting multiday races including Self-Transcendence 3100, 6 & 10 Day Races

TransGaule Annual race across France

Across The Years 72,48,24 hour races Dec/Jan in Arizona

Transeurope-footrace Run across Europe in 64 days, 5000km. English and German page.

Yukon Arctic Ultra human-powered ultra, 100/300 miles MTB, XC-Ski or Foot

Athens International Ultra Festival 1000 km 6 Day/72/48/24 hour and every other year a 1000 mile

The Libyan Challenge situated in the Sahara of southern Libya.

French Ultra Festival relocating to Luc en Provence

Marathon de Sables Classic 6 day self-supported stage race in the Moroccan Desert

UNIX Sport 6 Day/48 hour Hungarian 6 Day

Pantano 6 Day Race Italian 6 day

No Finish Line Monaco’s 8/6 day charity run

The British Ultra Fest UK 6 day/48/24 hour race inaugural event in 2013

24/48 Hour Self-Transcendence Race Sites

Self-Transcendence 24 hour Ottawa

Self-Transcendence 24 hour Basel

Self-Transcendence 24 hour London

Self-Transcendence 24 hour Sydney

Self-Transcendence 24 hour Auckland

Self-Transcendence 48/24 hour Vinnitsa

Self-Transcendence 24/12 hour Kiev

Self-Transcendence 12/24 hour Berlin

Self-Transcendence Ultras Nederlands

Self-Transcendence 12/6 hour, 100 km Prague

Self-Transcendence 48/24 hour Kladne

Self-Transcendence 12/6/hour 100 km Nitra

Self-Transcendence 6 hour Coimbra

Self-Transcendence 6 hour Lang-Lebring and Vienna

US 24 hour race sites

24 hour Around The Lake Relay, Marathon Ultra Annual run in Somerville , MA

Cornbelt Annual 24 hour race in Davenport, Iowa

FANS 24 hour race in Minneapolis

Ultracentric 24/48/72 in Texas

BadgerlandF/X 12/24 hour races Greendale, WI

24 Hours of Boulder Solo or Team event

24-hourTour d’Espirit  Annual event – Fundraiser for Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis

The Equalizer Run Well established 6 & 24 Hour Runs

Pacific Rim Low key race in Longview,WA

24 Hours the Hard Way

St. Pats 24 Hour

North Coast 2 flavours – Spring and Fall. Fall has a 12 hour in 2012.

Lone Ranger Ultra Marathon Part of the 20in24 running weekend in Philadelphia

France 24 hour race site

24 heures de Roche la Molière


Australia 24 hour race sites

Caboolture 6/12/24/48 hour races
Caboolture Historical Village, Caboolture, Queensland.


Quintessential Alaska Adventure Running non-competitive explorations of the Alaska backcountry


Stage Racing

Racing the planet: 4 Deserts: Atacama Crossing, Gobi March, Sahara Race, The Last Desert

ENDURrun in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


NAV4 Organises the Tour de Helvellyn

Southern Traverse Adventure Race – The Southern Traverse is New Zealand’s elite adventure race. A 5 day expedition style, multi-discipline race.

Alaska Ultra Sport The Iditarod Trail Invitational: a 350/1100 mile human powered ultra-marathon

EventRate.com looks like its no longer maintained – provides adventure race and ultra marathon news.

Gemimi Adventures Desert Rats 6 Day stage race over 148 miles of Desert in North America plus more.

Better Running

Chi Running ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running


Long Island Running. From Manhattan to Montauk events and races in NYC and on Long Island

US Coaches

Lisa Smith-Batchen

Neil Cook

Terri Schneider


ZombieRunner on and offline store for ultra-gear on the West coast of America

Race Ready

Run and Become Specialist running shoe stores in the UK

The Ultramarathonrunningstore Your ultra running clothing, gear & equipment store!

RunRepeat.com is an ad free website driven by a community of runners that review running shoes.

Fell/Mountain Running

The Fell Running Association Great resource for running in the hills and mountains of the UK

Mountain Running Mountain and trail running in the Canadian Rockies and across the globe

WMRA World Mountain Running Association

Welsh Fell Runners Association

The Bob Graham Round How to train for the Bob Graham Round in 24 hours

International Skyrunning Federation


The Stretching & Sports Injury Newsletter Useful training/strength building ideas and injury discussions.


Ultrarunning email list The ultrarunners community posting comments, news, results and stories



Journey Runners

John Wallace III Trans-America Crossings -authoratative website.

Alan Firths site focuses on Trans America crossings solo and races. Only available through the Wayback Machine.

Rosie Swalepope 57 yearold Welsh lady running around the world unaided.

Jesper Olsen The first authenticated runner to circle the globe.

Kevin Carr Plans to begin record attempt running around the world starting in 2013

Bjorn Suneson Swedish journey runner living in the US

BruceJohnson Crossing the USA from Feb 1st 2005

Tony Mangun Running around the world – currently in Argentina (August 2012)

Running Across America Nick Baldock’s journey began on a windy Californian beach on 1st May 1999



Ultrarunning magazine The ultrarunning magazine – everything you need to know about ultras.

Multiday Running magazine now amalgamated with Ultrarunning World.

Trail Runner magazine

Trail Running (UK)

Marathon and Beyond The web site for marathoners and ultrarunners.

Runningtimes.com/ Running Times magazine

Endurance Library  @ Hammer Nutrition

Trail Run Mag Running, and training, race results and race event calendars.

www.trailrunner.com Comprehensive Trail Running site.

VO2 French endurance magazine

Ultrarunning World occasional ultrarunning magazine

Distance Running Published three times a year, this magazine is available as a pdf

Ultra Tales Free UK based Ultra Marathon running e-magazine



Seven Steps to a Successful Marathon by Arpan DeAngelo

Association of International Marathons and Road Races

AhotuMarathon and ultra listings

Marathon Gude.com Complete directory of marathons, marathon results, athlete and race news, marathon history – everything for the marathon runner and marathon fan.

Jeremys Eclectic Marathon PagesWell maintained list of marathons around the world



Endurance Planet Internet radio covers ultrarunning, triathlons adventure races plus more.

Running movies for inspiration

Ultrarunner podcast.com

A Race For The Soul Part 1 Documentary on Western States 100 mile race – Youtube

Journeyfilm.com David Horton and his record breaking run of the 2700 mile Pacific Crest Trails

my link stream on Mydelicious


Personal Accounts

Lynn David Newton Across The Years 1999
Bonnie Busch Badgerland Striders 12/24 H 2001
Bonnie Busch Badgerland Striders 12/24 H 2000
Jeff Riddle Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Race 2000
Kevin Kepley Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Race 2001
Bonnie Busch Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Race 2001
Guy LeVan Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Race 2003
Gillian Robinson FANS 24-hour Run 2004
Bob Metzger & Chris Markham FANS 24-hour Run 2000
Gillian Robinson FANS 24-hour Run 2003
Andrew Cleves Marathon Des Sables 2000
Gary Griffin Olander 100 Mile Championships 2005
Bob Metzger Olander Park 24 Hour 2002
Jan Ryerse Olander Park 24 Hour 2000
Peter Zuidema et al Self Transcendence 24-Hour London 2004
Don Winkley/Sahishnu Szczesiul Sri Chinmnoy Ultra Trio 1997
Byron Chikinda Sri Chinmoy Ultra 2000 24 Hour, Victoria B.C. 2001
Byron & Joy Chikinda Sri Chinmoy Ultra 2000 24 Hour, Victoria B.C. 2000
Marshall King Three Days of Syllamo 2005
Dennis Halpin Ultracentric 48 & 24 Hour Run 2001
Joe Prusaitis Ultracentric 48 & 24 Hour Run 2000



Team Danger.com Celeste Walz has images from some recent races including the Ultracentric.

DonLundell Surely one of the greatest archives of ultrarunning photos on the web.

Larry Gassan Lots of great shots of lots of mainly US ultrarunners

Glenn Tachiyama

Alan Young Great Scottish crewman and photographer



Exercise and physiology Stephen Seiler’s The Methods and Mechanisms Underlying Performance

Race Directors Info

Race Directors Checklist


Race Results

Running in the USA Race results of all kinds of distances.

Online Race Results US running and triathlon results

UK Race results John Schofield’s Race Results Service for the UK and excellent link pages

Resources – Ultra Info From Around The World


IAU International Association of Ultrarunning



The Original Home of Ultraoz Phil Essams ultrarunning pages

Cool Running.comAustralias premier running site



Ultramarathon.at Austrian ultra site


Jean-Paul Praet Training program and ideas



Ultramarathonworld.com/ David Blaikies site is partly available as an archive on the Wayback Machine


Club Fatass.com/Cool community site covers all kinds of distances

OUser The Ontario Ultra Series



Ultramarathon The Czech web site of Czech & Moravian ultramarathon.


Ultrafondus.com/ French Ultrarunning site/magazine had a great European ultra calendar now just on facebook

Ultra Marathon France Smaller site but with info and more French links


Ultramarathon News Excellent German site for news on ultras and multidays

Ultra-marathon.org One of the oldest ultra sites (German)

Ultrarunner.de German site with lots of useful information

24-Stundenlauf Ultra running info for Germany



Hungarian ultra links page with runners home pages, magazines and more


IUTA Italian Ultramarathon and Trail Association / Associazione Italiana Ultramaratona e Trail


Ultraned.org Ultra and marathon site

Ultraloper Ultra news for the Dutch community


South Africa

Ultradistance Ultra running in South Africa



Ultrarunning List of Scandinavian ultra races and other links


MaratonTurk Turkish Marathon and Ultramarathon site in English as well



www.Lebedev.org.ua 3100 mile runner Stutisheel Lebedyeva has written a book about his


United Kingdom

Ultrarunning World

Runfurther.comUltra running in the UK and worldwide

Ultramarathonrunning.com Global race information and ultrarunning resource

The 100 Marathon Club Marathon and ultra site and links

Ultra Running

Gobeyondultra Ultramarathon organisers

Extreme Energy Multiday and ultra hosts

UltraRace.co.uk UK Ultra hosts


United States

Ultrarunner.net The UltraRunning link for the U.S.

Ultrunr.comKevin Sayers comprehensive Ultra site


Ultra Bios Stan Jensens biography pages

Running Across The Millenium by Lynn David Newton. A great account of his 6 day race (pdf)

On The Run On-line info source for long distance runners

Extreme Ultrarunning Ultrarunning resources, links and information for the novice or veteran ultrarunner.

Running in the USA Race results of all kinds of distances.

The Great American Footrace Documentary about Cherokee Andy Payne.

AUA American Ultrarunning Association

Inov8.com Innovative technical trail and fell running shoes plus lots of info and good links

Runners Sites

Willie Sichel 24 hour specialist

Ultra G Gillian Robinsons ultra pages

Dean Karnazes Ultra running ambassador

Edit Berces Great runner, nice site in Hungarian.

Matt Mahoney Experienced ultra runner with lots of good advice

Sharon Gayter British 24 hour runner

Roger Chamberlain‘s Sacred Steps

Roy Pirrung American long time ultra runner still running well at 57

Scot Jurek Western States specialist and vegan ultraruner author of Eat & Run

Yiannis Kouros The worlds greatest multiday runner

Lynn David Newton Writes about his running experiences and was webmaster for ATY.

Cosibullig.de/ Conny & Sigi Bullig German site race hosts and ultrarunning news

A more updated list of ultrarunners blogs


Running Links

Running resources – directory of Running related websites.

Cool Running Cool Running comprehensive race calendar, race results listings, training advice, interactive tools and a vibrant online community of runners.

Runners Web The original runner’s web and triathlete’s web, a running, track and field and triathlon resource portal

Run The Planet Run The Planet offers descriptions of where to run and walk in cities around the world

Spirituality and Running

Abichal.com Articles on the spiritual life plus ultrarunning pages.

MountainRunner DocLots of very interesting articles

FitnessIntuition George Rambhakta Beinhorn shares his and others running experiences

High Spirits Article by Sam Graceffo, M.D.

Lapped By the Sun: By John Prohira. Angel Island New Year’s Day Trail Run.


Spirituality in Sports…the harmony between body, mind and spirit and ideals of athletes that cherish and value spiritual aspects of sports.

Trail Running

Paul Magnanti’s Outdoor Ramblings for the PCT and the JMT

Mark Dorion’s Running Website for El Paso Area Trail Running Events.

North Texas Trail Runners Information on trail running and ultra running in North Texas.

Pikes Peak Central Skyrunner.com for a great mountain running site

Trail Running and trail walking in the UK

Whiteblaze Forum for Appalachian Trail enthusiasts


USTrailrunner:Trail reviews,info

The Trail Running Association

Ultrarunning Clubs

New York Ultra Running The ultra scene in the Northeast  Broadway Ultra SocietyLong Island/Queens/Brooklyn excellent races organised by Ritchie Innamorato

Les Croupiers Club When you’re in Wales, The Barry 40, Welsh Castles

Long Distance Walkers Ass. U.K . Local and national groups and routes

West Highland Way Cross country race from Milngavie to Fort William at the base of Ben Nevis

www.clubfatass.comClub Fat Ass – Promoters of oddball endurance events and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle

VHTRC Virginia Happy Trails Running Club

Team Slug based in Dover, Delaware

Aravaipa Running.com/ Arizona based ultrahosts including Across The Years

XNRG UK based ultra hosts

Ultra News

Mud Sweat and Tears UK ultrarunning news

Planet Ultramarathon Phil Essams ultra news blog

Ultra AdventuresNorth Carolina ultra running news from all over the place


Web based running logs

ActiveLogs Log books can give you some inspiration. Plus your raw data.

Sasha’s Free On-Line Training Log


Womens Running

SheRuns A Zine written by Women for Women

Womens Running UK magazine

Ultraladies Part of the New Basin Blues running club


Directories and social bookmarking

Yellow Pages for Avon
Blog This Here
Sports Blogs
Sports Blogs


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