Leadville 100 Mile Trail & Bike Results 2009

I have kindly been sent the results of the Leadville 2009 100 mile Trail race and the 100 mile bike ride which can be downloaded from the links below.

These results will also be available from the Leadvilletrail100.com website when the current re-development is complete.

1 17:27:23 Timmy Parr
2 17:44:26 Nick Lewis
3 18:26:40 Duncan Callahan

1 20:58:01 Lynette Clemons
2 21:53:37 Jamie Donaldson
3 21:55:22 Darcy Africa

Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run Results 2009
Leadville 100 Mile Trail Bike Results 2009

Race website:Leadvilletrail100.com

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