Last Annual Vol State Run 2011 – Updates

The Last Annual Vol State Run 2011, a 500 km race ascross the state of Tennesee is underway. This is the latest update from Laz posted on the ultralist earlier today.

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 02:34:32 +0000
From: lazarus lake
Subject: the endless march of suffering: vol-state 7

People are settling in to life on the road. They run & walk, they eat and they sleep. Is there anything else in life?

After 36 hours:
Joe Ninke retook the lead & is at 106 (in Parsons) but he is again holed up in a motel (the Omelia Motor lodge).He has abandoned the wiggle wagon & swears he is finished. “Too much suffering”.

Don W is second at 96 heading out of lexington, but is coming off a break & good to go.

Abi Meadows is 3rd at the turn in lexington (92) and who can guess what she will do next. Not even Abi knows for sure.

After that it is a logjam.
mike mattison was last sighted going to earth at parkers crossroads (82)
naresh kumar is reportedly holed up in the same place
sal coll was at 81 and planning to go thru
fred murolo at 80 intended to bed down at PC
joe judd at 79 was planning a break at PC
sherry meador in clarksburg at 77 was talking about going thru
as was stu gleman at 75
fred davis at 74…. well, he never stops.
if he can keep going the same direction anything can happen.

after a big gap comes another logjam:
josh holmes, shannon burke, & john price are all bedded down at 68 in huntingdon.
lynnor & erika matheny are at the edge of huntingdon (64) and aiming for PC tonight.
diane taylor is right behind them at 63, but planning to hole up at 68 with the rest.

marvin skagerberg & paul lefcoholcz are both down in mckenzie (56)
with marvin planning to be on the road at dark and paul having just arrived likely to sleep a little longer.

it will be interesting to see whose plans work out and whose blow up.

any guesses who will be leading when the sun comes up?


Carl Laniak is with Laz and has posted a bunch of photos and some really funny videos on Picasa.

Follow the runners progress on Google maps

Updates are posted on the Ultralist The home of multiday running news and events.

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