Knickerbocker 60k, Central Park 2007

A Report, sort of.

Over 100 runners lined up to run the Knickerbocker 60k in Central Park New York on November 17. The person who went right out into the lead was non other than Oz Pearlman, who won the 50 miler at the Lakefront 50/50 in Chicago 3 weeks ago. The temps were in the low to mid 40’s all day and I have to say it felt colder on the west side of the park than on the east side. Oz kept a good pace throughout the morning (the race started at 8:30am) and finished quite comfortably in 4:01:34. I was buzzing around helping out some of the runners I knew out there, but never did find out what the name of the first woman finisher was though she did come in 5:11 into the race. If you go to NYRRC site I’m sure it will be posted.

Well that’s my sort of report. If you go to my site I like to you can see a photo of Oz just before he finished. The home of multiday running news and events.

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