Jorba Rai Wins Everest Sky Race 2011

Jorbir Raï on his way to winning the Everest Sky Race 2011 Photo: Bruno Ringeval

At the end of the already legendary fifth edition Everest Sky Race (235 km, 11 000 – 7000 m, 9-step), the Nepalese Jorba Rai won for the second time after the success of 2008. He succeeds Deepak Rai (winner in 2009), the second of the race this year, before the English Lizzy Hawker. Once again, the “Princes of the Himalayas” imposed their style on the road to heaven. Since 2003, when the creation of the ESR, the Nepalese have always taxed in the Khumbu, as Sumba Sherpa (2003) and Dangima Sherpa (2005) are on the list. But if the Sherpa are considered Asian Kenyans in the race elevation, Rais, ethnic neighbor, are the Ethiopians. Similarities that are also found in the morphology. Above 5000 m, they are untouchable. As proof, this year, four Nepalese departure, including two women, are in the Top 8: Jorba Rai (1), Deepak Rai (2), Dolma Sherpa (6) and Minikala Rai (8). Places that have developed in the Nepalese mountain stages. While Europeans are able to express themselves on racing in the shorter Himalayan formats (Jaquerod Christophe and Benoit Laval won the Annapurna Mandala Trail in 2005 and 2010), they show their limits beyond 5000 meters. And as the ESR is played at an average of 4500 meters – the AMT is located at 3200 m – the Rais, Limbus and other Sherpas in the universe …

Lizzy Hawker – The Queen Elizabeth, as the Nepalese call her – has nevertheless managed a remarkable run by winning four of the nine stages. To date only Corinne Favre was able to win one in 2005 and was accompanied by Christophe Jaquerod on Mandala. Lizzy also led the overall standings to the top of Gokyo Ri (5350 m), the end of the sixth stage. Unheard of in Nepal. Whatever the race in the Himalayas: Everest Marathon, 100 km Annapurna, Annapurna Mandala Trail, Himal Race, Everest Sky Race, Solo Khumbu Trail … The Columbia has shown that it was the best high-country skier in the world, the ultra-mountain at 24 hours, to stage races. This is accompanied by Jorba and Deepak as Lizzy ended the ESR 2011, Pangboche yesterday. “The final stage was beautiful, says Fabien Brusson, the runner-cameraman. Lizzy arrived with Jorba and Deepak, under the gaze of the Amadablam (6856 m). At 4 h 18, Lobuche ( 4910 m), they are mounted to Kala Pattar (5540 m) and back down to Pangboche (3930 m). 4 h 18 “. For the record, the stage was 30 km (850 m, -2250 m) and the riders had their bags on their backs (7 kg). “Mary and Francis Twill Beauvallet ESR have closed this night, arriving just before the ceremony that lasted prices very late …”

A fifth edition of the Everest Sky Race epic and legendary for everyone: runners, walkers and organizers. As such, the agency Great Mountain Holidays was up to the event. For all those men and women, it was not just about exploring the Valley of the secular Rowaling. It was also of their limitations and their souls. With this in mind as Lizzy Hawker had also taken the start of the ESR 2011. “On the last step, she was again exceptional, says Sylvain Bazin. It was the image of the course and the final stage, with incredible views from the summit of Kala Pattar on Mount Everest (8850 m). Most runners were tired, suffering from colds and bronchitis. Only Nepalese led in great style to ensure their victory, despite opposition exceptional fromLizzy who, although weakened, has stood strong, before finishing with them hand in hand. ”

If the version of the Sky Race ESR version mountaineering began. Nine runners and walkers continue their adventure on the road to heaven. Emmanuel Remy, Philippe Pias, Fabien Brusson, Maryse Dupre, Mickaël Delonglée, Jean-Marc Wojcik, Bruno Ringeval, Magali Juvenal, and Christophe Patrice Coutaz Twill will stay one more week to attempt the ascent of Lobuche East (6119). More bib, over lap, just want to stay in the spirit of the Everest Sky Race … The race to stay on top Altius Altius, Altius …

Ranking (235 km, 11 000, – 7000 m)

1. Jorbir Raï : 38 h 12 08
2. Deepak Raï : 38 h 26 35
3. Elisabeth Hawker : 38 h 54 39
4. Emmanuel Rémy : 42 h 16 50
5. Peter Osterwalder : 43 h 28 54
6. Dolma Sherpa : 44 h 34 36
7. Richard Bull : 44 h 48 50
8. Minikala Raï : 45 h 48 50
9. Sylvain Bazin : 45 h 55 00
10. Frédéric Doyen : 46 h 49 00
11. Virginie Duterme : 47 h 49 29
12. Beat Hintermann : 50 h 01 16
13. Max Hintermann : 50 h 03 32
14. Philippe Pias : 59 h 14 04
15. Fabien Brusson : 59 h 15 00
16. Maryse Dupre
17. Mickaël Delonglée
18. Jean-Marc Wojcik
19. Bruno Ringeval
20. Magali Juvenal
21. Patrice Coutaz
22. Christophe Sergé
23. Marc Perier
24. Philippe De Witte
25. Marie Sergé
26. Francis Beauvallet
27. Pascal Beaury Sherpa (non partant à Gokyo).
28. Didier Rageau (Abandon au Drolombao Glacier, étape 5).
29. Alain Blactot (Abandon à Na, étape 6).
30. Ivano Marelli (np)
31. Patrick Hilti (np)

More details of 2012/13 Himalayan ultramarathon races can be found at Stage The home of multiday running news and events.

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