Jackson Williams – Man Who Never Knows When To Stop

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Norwich’s ultra runner Jackson Williams’ new challenge

08 August 2009

JACKSON Williams is a man who never knows when to stop.

Two years ago the former Norwich boxer did for real what Forrest Gump did on the big screen by running from one coast of the USA to the other.

He didn’t get an Oscar, but he did make £9,000 for charity.

Last year he ran and cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End. He would have run all the way but for an ankle injury which forced him to splash out £100 on a Halfords special offer mountain bike at Gretna to complete the journey.

In March he cycled to London and ran back in aid of Comic Relief.

His first venture was running from Norwich to London at the age of 17, covering the 120 miles in just over three days. A year later he ran the 350 miles from Norwich to Scotland.

And somewhere between those early steps and his more recent mind-boggling tests of mind and nerve and sinew he got into the boxing ring to fight Amir Khan.

So what is there left for Jackson to do?

How about another coast-to-coast, this time across the arid outback of Australia from Perth to Sydney – 2,400 miles to raise money for Unicef?

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