Icarus Florida Ultrafest 6 Day Race 2014 – Results

Icarus Florida UltraFest LogoThe inaugural running of the Icarus Florida Ultrafest 6 Day Race took place starting November 10th and finished November 16th. The course is a paved, flat and shaded, 1.0408 Km loop traversing through Synder Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jovica Spajic took an early lead but the experience  of Jesper Olsen told toward the final stages of the race and the Danish world-runner took the win with 712 km. Jesper’s new book, The Runner’s Guide to the Planet was released on Amazon during the race.

Canadian 6 day record holder Charlotte Vasarhelyi was the only female entrant.

Ladies took the top two spots in the 24 hour with Ayson Venti topping 140 miles in her first 24 hour. Wow. Second place was Lara Zoeller with 194 km and third was also first man, Ramon Ferrer Jr, with 158 km.

6 Day Race

1Jesper Olsen442.750712.537DNK
2Jovica Spajic424.006682.371SRB
3Michele Notarangelo415.603668.849ITA
4Brad Compton406.554654.286USA
5Rimantas Jakelaitis395.566636.602USA
6Charlotte Vasarhelyi310.248499.296CAN
7Jim Schroeder246.906397.356USA
8Timothy O’Malie226.869365.110USA
9K-G Nystrom203.600327.663SWE
10Bill Heldenbrand78.855126.904USA

24 Hour Race

1Alyson Venti218140.9043226.7636USA
2Lara Zoeller187120.8675194.5174USA
3Ramon Ferrer Jr15298.2452158.1104PHL
4Judd McGee13587.25725140.427USA
5Menyhert Lesi13184.67185136.2662HUN
6Chris Thompson13084.0255135.226USA
7Jodi Samuels12480.1474128.9848USA
8Scott Maxwell12480.1474128.9848USA
9Jodi Weiss12278.8547126.9044USA
10Tim Schaum11876.2693122.7436USA
11Daniel Jones10869.8058112.3416USA
12Lee Anne Cohen9863.3423101.9396CAN
13Mauricio Jara9762.69595100.8994USA
14Jesus Atencio9460.756997.7788USA
15Alexandra Olayo9158.8178594.6582COL
16Jason Gruss7850.415381.1356USA
17Betty Smith6642.659168.6532USA
18Nick Dorotik4126.5003542.6482USA

Website: www.icarusfloridaultrafest.com

Facebook: photos

Full race results

Brad Compton’s race report

Alyson Venti’s 24 hour race report

Race Report by volunteer Carey Clarkson

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