Heart Rate Monitors – The New ePulse2 Armband Monitor

LAS VEGAS/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 9, 2011 — The ePulse2, featuring the latest in fitness and personal monitoring technology, is changing the way people monitor their health by conveniently, continually and accurately providing users’ vital information on heart rate, target exercise heart rate zones and caloric burn rate without uncomfortable chest belts and complicated heart rate monitors.

The second generation industry-unique strapless optical heart rate monitoring technology from Impact Sports Technologies (http://www.impactsports.com) is revolutionizing the use of personal heart rate monitoring and is expanding it into new markets beyond pure health and fitness.

Impact Sports Technologies revolutionary new strapless heart rate monitor is simply worn on the forearm. Users put it on, turn it on, and immediately see their heart rate.

The ePulse2 features:

– A streamlined look and controls.
– An internal rechargeable battery.
– An industry-first full color, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) graphical display that is sunlight readable and is self-illuminating for indoor or nighttime use.

The ePulse2 accurately gathers and displays heart rate and fitness data while being conveniently worn on the forearm or even on the wrist for many activities, permitting full mobility of the hands.

For the first time, runners, walkers, yoga participants, cyclists, spinners, tennis players and individuals just trying to count calories have a sensible means to monitor and receive instant feedback on fitness activities based on their heart rate.

Impact Sports Technologies has taken the lead in barrier-breaking continuous optical heart rate monitoring technology that has multiple market applications beyond fitness because it does not require a chest belt or any other action such as placing a finger on a sensor pad to receive a snapshot of heart rate.

The proprietary technology is being used by EA Sports in its Active 2 and Active 2 NFL Training Camp games.

Additional applications for the technology are also being developed for elderly monitoring, rehabilitation, and other special medical uses.

“The convenience and accuracy of our proprietary motion resistant optical heart rate monitoring technology has expanded its uses into gaming, personal monitoring and research fields by affording the benefits of accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring to a broader spectrum of users beyond those who exercise from home or at the gym and is now moving us into diverse worldwide markets for our technology,” said Don Brady, Impact Sports’ president and CEO.

The ePulse sells for $149.95 and is available through major Internet retailers and many retail sporting goods stores nationwide (see http://www.impactsports.com).

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