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David Horton: Adventure 2011
by David Horton on Monday, 06 June 2011 at 00:17



Most of you think that I am an ultrarunner.   From my first ultra in 1979 to my last one in late 2009, I WAS.   Notice the last word WAS.   I have been sponsored by Montrail RUNNING team since it’s inception.   From the time that I started running in 1977 until the spring of 2010, I had NEVER had a running injury, an injury is a problem that prevents you from running.  I had lots of aches and pains though.

One day while running in March of 2010, felt a pain in the medial side of my right knee.   I thought it was a torn meniscus.    Later after getting an MRI, it was confirmed that was the case.   Two surgeries and rehabs later, I still have pain in my knee and can’t walk or run without  significant  pain.

My doctor suggested that I try swimming or biking.   I swim like a pregnant elephant so that was out.  I had a mountain bike that I had used a decade ago in an adventure race and I liked the idea that I could still get out on the trails and in the woods that way.   I started biking in August of 2010.   Many wrecks and adventures later, I became hooked on mountain biking.   And the biking does NOT hurt my knee.
Tour Divide is a 2745 mile race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM

If you want to keep up with me and the other 76 competitors, you can check on the website, Tourdivide.com.    Each rider will be carrying a SPOT which will beam the signal from each rider to a satellite and then it will be  posted on the website.   Riders will also periodically call in to the website and these transmissions will be posted there as well.

Will I run again?   Will I do ultras again?  I hope to.   Right now, mountain biking is my thing.

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