Arizona 6 Day Race

With about an hour to go Saturday morning in the 5th annual Arizona 6 Day, New Jersey’s Bob Oberkehr is at +-315 miles. In 2nd place with about 262 is former winner Jerry Schuster of Tuscon, AZ. Mexico’s Marco Zapata (+-225) is in third.

The first woman is at +-200 miles.
A 12 year old local boy finished 100 miles.
RD Gary Cross managed 63 miles in between his directing jobs.

Runners were exceptionally lucky weather-wise, with highs all week staying 10F or more below normal (some years it has hit 100F). Lots of cloud cover has helped as well.

About 100 meters of each 1,250 meter loop is tufty grass, some stretches feature dirt and gravel, and once again these caused problems for runners. It is funny that in many road ultras and multi-days folks complain of the hard, unforgiving surface, yet in various races, grass (at least anything short of putting green quality) and dirt give runner so much trouble and so many blisters.

Best wishes to all ultrarunners, and especially the 13 brave souls (soles?) ready to start racing around the neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens Sunday in the 3100 mile! The home of multiday running news and events.

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