Arizona 6 Day Race Updates After 72 Hours

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Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 16:44:58 -0600
From: “Dorion, Mark G”
Subject: AZ 6 Day Race Update (72 Hrs.)

A few seconds before the clock hit 72 hours (12:00 M.S.T. Wed.– this race started precisely on time!), the halfway point of the 6 day, legendary California multi-day runner and all-around nice guy John Radich hit 200 miles.

For those who may not know John’s name, he has been a high-caliber ultrarunner for about 30 years, with good finishes in the Trans-Europe race, several Sydney to Melbourne (1,000+Km) finishes, 430 miles in 6 days, high Badwater placings, and the list goes on.

Some local backers in southern Arizona are proposing a two person, multi-day match race between the speedy, youthful-looking Radich and the old and slow Mark Dorion.


2. John McGuire, 48, CO 155 mi.
3. Ron Vertrees, 69, CA 125 mi.
(other runner results in next update)
Note– impressive performance3D
**Arizona Cross (1W)– age 10 (!) 50.25 mi.

The community support in the sleepy-border town of Douglas has been phenomenal, with the race making the headlines of the local paper, a cheering crowd of 50+ crowding the start-finish area at the halfway point, and many locals of all ages ( including athletes in wheelchairs, elementary kids, senior citizens, former US Olympians, etc.) coming out and walking and jogging laps with the runners.
There is a very international feel to the race, with more Espanol (spanish) being spoken in the Park than English, and some helpers coming across from Mexico to assist the runners. Several race workers are conversing in Farsi.
Each lap is 3/4 of a mile and has some ROUGH, bumpy grass and dirt sections. The weather thus far has ranged from 40F to 81F, with less than 20% humidity at this 4,000′ altitude site.
The 15th Street Park itself is quite shady and pretty– I believe with an all-paved, smoother course in the future this could blossom into a bigtime event.
BIG NOTE: As the runners circle the course in Douglas, they are all well aware of the world road record pace that WOLFGANG SCHWERK is keeping up in the 7 day race in Greece. Schwerk hit the 48 hour point with over 420 Km (260+ mi.), which is more than the 413.5 Km split of Yiannis Kouros at the Dec. 2005 Across years race outside Phoenix.
Several expert international track statisticians concur that Schwerk had the ultra “PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR” in the world last year with his 41 day win at the New York Self-Transcendence 3100 mi. (5000Km).

***Caveat: The above statistics are accurate to the best of my knowledge, but there may well be a typo or three.

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