Arizona 6 day Race Results 2010

Race Director Gary Cross sent the top positions of the Arizona 6 day race 2010 and the first Douglas Womens 100 mile race.

Arizona 6 Day Race

1st Place John Radich, 55 CAL 321 mi.
2nd Place Bill Dickey, 70 CAL 240.75 mi.
3rd Place Karen Riddle, TX 228 mi.
14 starters.

Douglas Women’s 100 Mile Run/Walk

1st Place Katherine Metzger, 29 AZ 24:23:59 (course record)
2nd Place Debbie Sexton, TX 46:04:59.
3rd Place Pat Young, 62 AZ 47:20
4th Place Lorrie Gray, TX 47:57

16 starters. Results ranging (27 mi to 50.25 ; 4 finishers)

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