Across The Years 2006 – News Update

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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 08:05:59 -0700
From: Lynn David Newton
Subject: ultra list news about Across the Years

It’s just 30 day until the start of Across the Years 2006. Preparations, which go on year round, have reached the frenzy stage.

Anyone may discuss the race on the Ultra List, but we wanted everyone to know that we have also created a forum on the ZombieRunner site primarily for discussion among those registered for the race, many (most?) of whom are not Ultra List subscribers. The forum is not closed to outsiders, so interested visitors are welcome to read and contribute.

The ATY forum at ZR is at:

This year the race will meet and exceeed the high standards it has set in recent years. Numerous enhancements have been added to the web site. The ATY Web site is at:

Be sure to visit the Who’s Coming page. Click on the names of runners to see their pictures and brief running biographies.

Assuming we can get our ducks lined up in time:

o There will be live results reporting through a new automated uploading system, so results should never be more than a few minutes old.

o A newer and better webcam will be in place.

o There will be a faster, and vastly improved method for outside observers to send greetings to runners during the race.

o Pictures will be uploaded during the race as time allows, as was done last year.

o New to this year will be live on-site verbal reporting by means of the ATY Blog.

All these features will be accessible from the site’s home page during the race.

The races start at 9:00am MST on December 29th. Mark your calenders so you can be among the virtual spectators from around the world who will be joining us during the race. And if you live near by, drop by any time, 24 hours a day, during the running of the race.

Lynn David Newton
Across the Years Webmaster The home of multiday running news and events.

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