478 miles in six days for world-best run

The Herald, a UK paper, has an article on [tag]William Sichel[/tag], a recent [tag]GBR 24 hour team[/tag] member who has moved up to the multiday realm after specialising in the 24 hour distance.

“The [tag]average jogger[/tag] runs a few miles three times a week. But William Sichel is far from your average jogger.
Most people jog about 40 miles in one month but the 53-year-old from Orkney has run 12 times that distance in less than a week.
During a [tag]six-day ultra[/tag] [tag]endurance event[/tag] which he won last week, Mr Sichel ran 478.6 miles, the equivalent of 18 [tag]marathon[/tag]s or almost 80 miles a day.

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