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Alexandra Panayotou faces a new challenge
The Ultra Pyrene: 1000 kilometres supporting adapted sports

From the 1st to the 12th of September 2010, the Greek ultra endurance runner, who is based near Barcelona, Alexandra Panayotou, will face alone a total of 1000 kilometres running, linking up the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic) with the Mediterranean.

The Ultra Pyrene is one of her toughest challenges, because of the daily volume of kilometres and height difference as most of it takes place crossing the Pyrenees.

Her starting point will be San Sebastián. The ultra endurance runner will run some 83 kilometres (2 marathons a day), along roads, trails and tracks, passing through different villages and cities of Spain and Andorra until her arrival in Girona, supported along the way by her team.

Like her other challenges, the Ultra Pyrene will be a solidarity one, supporting adapted sports. In their mobile home, the team will be selling the event’s specially designed t-shirts for 15 euro. All the proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to the foundation ASEM (union of associations of people affected by neuromuscular pathology), with whom the athlete has collaborated in the past.

Alexandra Panayotou, with her cry “Kilometrate!” will once again put to test her physical and mental capacity to overcome this, her latest endeavour, successfully.

Chronicle of the Ultra Pyrene
Alexandra invites members of the press to follow the development of this endeavour minute by minute via her recently renewed web: where she will write daily in her blog and where there is a link to her GPS and her Facebook page (Alexandra Panayotou), from where her team and she will record her experiences during each stage.

The most memorable moments of the Ultra Pyrene will be filmed on video for later distribution.

Calendar and route for the Ultra Pyrene

1. San Sebastián – Baztan/Elizondo
2. Baztan/Elizondo – Ochogavia
3. Ochogavia – Jaca
4. Jaca – Ainsa
5. Ainsa – Pont de Suert
6. Pont de Suert – Sort
7. Sort – Andorra la Vella
8. Andorra la Vella – Planoles
9. Planoles – St. Joan Les Fonts (Olot)
10. St. Joan Les Fonts (Olot) – Figueres
11. Figueres – Cadaqués
12. Cadaqués – Girona

About Alexandra

Alexandra Panayotou began ultra running rather late. She began running at 30, and achieved excellent results as a marathon runner. For a while now, she has specialised in ultra endurance, designing her own extreme solo events.

“To me success is not only reaching good results. Success is making every step count, hence my association with the causes and values I believe in.
When I shout ¡Kilometrate! I am not only referring to running kilometres, but more to an attitude to life, a call to continue and to never give up.
I have studied psychology and philosophy, I love to write, and I want to communicate my experience to other people to share everything that has helped me to see life with a positive attitude. My body responds well to these challenges, but I also listen to it carefully and take great care of it.”

Apart from her ultra running, Alexandra has studied Psychology and Philosophy and gives motivational talks.

Alexandra Panayotou will present her first book in the coming months. It will be an autobiographical work based on her experiences while running 2010 kilometres in 31 days in 2009.

In it, she also reflects on the psychological and philosophical aspects related to the challenges that she carries out.

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